[Lizenzen] The Conceited Artists' License

Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller sloyment@gmx.net
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 02:15:03 +0200

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The Conceited Artists' License

- --------
  This license is supposed to be suitable for artwork, such as
  music, pictures or computer games. However, it is not fully
  compliant to "The Free Software Definition" or to "The Open
  Source Definition", as one could exspect in the first case,
  because there is one major difference:

  While coding programs is a monotonous job with no feelings
  involved, creating artwork is more like building furniture
  with an axe. That is why artists usually don't want you to
  change, remix or perform their work. Maybe they don't even
  want you to use it commercially. 

  Therefore, this license will only grant you some very basic
  rights, only. If you want more, please feel free to ask the
  artist for a special permission.

Granted Rights
- --------------
  Permission is granted to any member of the public, to copy,
  distribute, broadcast and publically play back the unchanged
  work, for non-commercial purposes, as long as the requirements
  of this license are followed.

- ------------
  When the work is presented to the public, the artist has to be
  credited. Also, all people who receive or percept the work,
  have to be informed about their rights under this license.

  The work must not be exported to Iraq, be distributed together
  with pornography or communistic propaganda on the same medium
  or be used for genetical engineering.

Meta License
- ------------
  (C) 2001 Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller

  The license text of the "Conceited Artists' License" is
  licensed under three different licenses in parallel:

  a) under itself

  b) under ifrOSS' Free License for Texts and Data Bases (IFL),
     version 1.0

  c) under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), version
     1.1 or any later version, with no cover texts, endorsements
     or invariant sections.