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>Subject: Canon Digital Creators Contest 2001
>Dear Sirs
>Hello. My name is FUJITA Masaya at CG-ARTS in Japan.
>This message send participants of Ars Electronica 2000.
>We are support Canon Digital Creators Contest.
>I'd like to ask you to do us a favor.
>I'd appreciate it if you apply for
>The Canon Digital Creators Contest 2001.
>Canon Digital Creators Contest 2001 Web Site
>If you have some question, please send an e-mail to <info@canon-dcc.com>.
>Thanks in advance.
>Very truly yours.
>FUJITA Masaya
>This is outline of Canon Digital Creators Contest 2001.
>The Canon Digital Creators Contest 2001 is open to next-generation creators
>who are pioneering new image expressions
>through their command of digital technology.
>This contest, comprising four division categories-Digital Photo(Print),
>Digital Graphics/Illustration (Print),
>Digital Movie, and Web-will accept entries from
>both design professionals and amateurs alike,
>with prize money totaling \16 million,
>including a \3 million Grand Prix awarded in each division.
>Other scheduled prizes include the Canon Award and
>other awards from participating sponsors for each division.
>The details of entry guidelines and other information in English are
>within this website: http://www.canon.com/cdcc/
>Contest Overview
>Organized by:	Canon Inc.
>Sponsored by:	Canon Sales Co., Inc.
>		Adobe Systems Co., Inc.
>		Benetton Japan Co., Ltd.
>		Macromedia Japan K.K.
>Support from:	Computer Graphic Arts Society
>		Digital Contents Association
>Who can enter:	Open to professional and amateur creators
>How to enter:	Complete application form, attach it to entry,
>                         and send both to the appropriate address below.
>                         (Web division entries can be submitted online
>                          through the "Canon Digital Creators Contest"
>By mail:	"Canon Digital Creators Contest" Secretariat
>	Poste restante
>	Kyobashi Post Office
>	Tokyo 104-8689
>	Japan
>By courier:	"Canon Digital Creators Contest" Secretariat
>	6th floor, Kinsen Bldg.
>	2-14-8 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku
>	Tokyo 104-0045
>	Japan
>Entry period:	April 2 - September 5, 2001
>                        (all entries due no later than September 5, 2001)
>Awards Ceremony:	November 30, 2001
>                                    (at Spiral Cafe, Aoyama, Tokyo)
>Exhibition of winning entries:	December 1 - 9, 2001
>                                                (at Spiral Hall, Aoyama, Tokyo)
>Total prize money:	JPY 16 million; also Canon products awards and
>                                     product awards from participating sponsors
>Judges:	Hiroshi Kashiwagi(Musashino Art University professor, 
>Chief judge)
>	Hiroyuki Nakano(Video artist)
>	Takashi Homma(Photographer)
>	Katsura Moshino(Illustrator and art director)
>Special Judges:  The British creative unit "tomato"
>	Ryuichi Sakamoto (Musician, actor and Academy Award winning composer)
>Entry categories
>(1)Digital Photo (Print) Division
>Direct-print (unmodified) printouts of images captured with a digital camera;
>printouts of digital camera images that have been digitally modified;
>or printouts of digitalized photo materials (scanned images, etc.)
>that have been edited or otherwise modified.
>(2)Digital Graphics/Illustration (Print) Division
>Printouts of computer-generated graphics, illustrations, etc.
>(3)Digital Movie Division
>Modified and/or edited live-action digital movies created with a digital
>video camcorder;
>or computer graphics animated movie.
>( Acceptable formats: digital video, VHS or S-VHS, or Beta-cam)
>(4)Web Division
>Web-based graphics or other images (interactive or non-interactive)
>viewable over the Internet using Internet Explorer 5.0 (or laterversions),
>or of Netscape Navigator 4.7 (or later versions).
>  * To enable judging of Web Division works, entries must be made accessible
>between Wednesday,
>September 5 and  Friday, November 30, 2001, at URLs specified at time of
>Entries are not to be revised during this period.
>Awards for each of the four divisions-Digital Photo (Print),
>Digital Graphics/Illustration (Print), Digital Movie, and Web-are as
>follows (48 awards in all):
>Division Grand Prix (one winner per division): JPY 3 million
>Excellence Award (one winner per division): JPY 500,000
>Special Merit Award (five winners per division): JPY 100,000
>Canon Award (five winners per division): Canon products
>*Participating sponsor awards (Adobe Systems Award, Benetton Japan Award,
>   and Macromedia Award) will be presented to entries in each division.
>*The tomato Award will be presented to one or more entries selected from
>among all divisions.
>*The Ryuichi Sakamoto Award will be presented to one entry selected from
>among all Canon Award winners.