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    VIDEOTREE video-cards from all over the world
                    International Competition

>A project: Fringe.it
>Promoted by: Commune of Florence, Councillorship of Culture

We are asking artists from throughout the world to express their emotions
evoked by Christmas, intended not just as a religious festivity but in the
wider and ancientmeaning of the celebration of light regeneration over the
annual cycle of seasons.

Videos will be projected on a three-screen structure in Signoria Square. It
will be Florence Christmas tree, lightened by "visions" of artists from all
over the world.

Amidst a dramatic international crisis, Florence becomes an international
meeting point, centre of contemporary culture which is multicultural and
interethnic by definition.

This projects is made up of two realization phases.
At a first stage, editors and cultural institutions from various Countries
all over the world will select the artists to be contacted. Works may also
be forwarded directly to the organizing committee, which will proceed to
a first selection of the material received.

Selected works will be projected in Signoria Square from December 19th to
January 6st. During this period, both editors and the audience will vote
their favourite video. Each vote expressed by the editors will count for 50
votes by the audience.
During this time span, editors involved in voting will be gathered in
Florence for a two-day meeting (19th and 20th of december) so as to give
rise to a planning international network.
Travelling expenses and costs for a two-night stay in Florence will be
refunded to the editors. The winning artist will be awarded a prize in the
amount of  5,000 Euro.


>Admitted formats
Works realized with any cinematographic, magnetic and digital techniques
will be admitted to the competition. Works shall be forwarded in one of the
following formats: dv cam, mini dv, betacam, vhs

>Video maximum length
 10 minutes

>Delivery of material
Works shall be forwarded prior to November 30th (postal stamp shall testify
shipping date).
Materials forwarded will not be returned. The organizing committee will be
entitled to project the videos in the foreseen public spaces, provided that
entrance to projection spaces is free.

Both authorized editors (they may avail themselves of 50 votes each, to be
assigned to a single work) and the audience (each spectator may only express
one vote) will be entitled to vote.

The winner will be awarded 5,000 Euro.

>General conditions
By forwarding the material, global acceptance of these rules is deemed to
have been subscribed. The outcome of the competition will be notified to the
winner and made public within 15 days from the end of the event.
Voting upshot shall be incontrovertible.