[rohrpost] Station Rose Webcast 150 live from ncc 48, Graz

Station Rose gunafa@well.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 12:25:54 +0200

 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here is the new Fahrplan :

1.0  next "Webcast 150" at : FRI/26/10/01, 4-8pm CET
live from Steirischer Herbst, Graz.
_ncc 48 -- netART community congress_

STReaming live once more from on the road to your harddrives.
info: MiDiHy is pleased to announce its contribution
to the  _ncc 48 -- netART community congress_ being held in Graz from
October 25, 2001 to October 27, 2001.
Thanks to the co-operation with Station Rose, Frankfurt, the whole
programme, including talks, presentations and a streaming event, will be
webcasted, thus implementing the engaged discourses on the net into the net
itself. We invite you to take advantage of this _transfer.streaming_ on
October 26, 2001, starting at 4:00 pm cet and continuing untill 8:00 pm cet.
As part of _transfer.STReaming_ Station Rose will be performing & lecturing
at Webcast Nr. 150 live in Graz.

4 pm cet - start of _transfer.STRreaming_!
Reinhard Braun, MiDiHy | Andreas Broeckmann, transmediale
Which networks, wich discourses, which art?
4:15 pm cet
Verena Kuni, art and media scientist, Frankfurt/Trier
Masche oder Mehr? Netzwerke(n) als sch=F6ne Kunst betrachtet
5:00 pm cet
Climax Clan/ Action Bot Machinima | http://www.climax.at
a re emerge by Jahrmann & Moswitzer
Konsum Art-Server | http://www.konsum.net
5:45 pm cet
Station Rose - Gary Danner & Elisa Rose, Frankfurt
Build a Page with a Cable
6:45 pm cet
panel discussion with all participants of _transfer.net_ ,
moderated by Andreas Broeckmann
19.45 pm cet - end of _transfer.streaming_

transfer.net is part of ncc 48 -- netART community congress
october 25th, 12:00 am through 27th, 12:00 am cet 2001
dom im berg, graz/austria http://ncc.mur.at/


2.0) more NetSTReams on demand are available now:
* check out 2 videoclips by Station Rose at the music page
at http://www.stationrose.com/music.html

plus 1 new video  "WYSIWYG" at the Realvideofiles page
at http://www.stationrose.com/Realvideofiles/realvideofiles1.html>

3.0)  ART PRODUCTION : this website section is more linked than ever:
we will lecture on that in Graz.

stay with us & don=B4t go away!

     "Cyberspace is Our Land!"

             station rose   10-2001