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'After hours on the dancefloor, he said' ... Dominique's words and music emerge 
from encounters with the quiet such as: a male who finds it a bit hard to
 express his feelings (Speak to Me), secret admiration of a generous elderly 
and slightly hung over grande dame (Sun Goddess), being touched as you like
to be (Massage), 'appreciation' of a spacious apartment that you can't afford (Great Space), 
and a magazine absorbed stranger on the U-Bahn (Cruising Queen).
Dominique is the combined effort of the following artists: 
Dominic Eichler (lead vocals, rhodes stage piano), Paul Davis (vocals, bass), 
Dave Allen (guitar), Ben Clark(percussion), and Antje Majewski (cello), 
sound engineered by Thomas Goldhahn with very special guest contributions from 
Simonetta Ginelli (harp),  Krylon Superstar ('Over' lead vocals), Ninon Liotet (French 
vocals for 'Speak to me') Julian Göthe ('Running Naked' backing vocal) and 
Jan Suchanek ( 'Running Naked' Sitar improvisation).     
       Dominique - Speak to Me  
       CD release party of a nine track debut
       presented by tete a tete and TOUCHME MUSIC
       Concert Dominique - Dominic Eichler, Paul Davis, Dave Allen, Ben Clark and Antje Majewski  
       Music videos - Clément Arnoux, Luke Bennett, Ralf Hochholzer, Antje Majewski/ Barbara Gies 
       and Ingo Niermann
       DJ  Julian Göthe til concert time. Dj Forestopper - Dance to Me until sleep .
       2 May 2002, 21 h
       Raum 3
       Ziegelstrasse 23
       Berlin Mitte

       freier Eintritt
       Cocktail Bar Lora Zanson

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