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Program August 2002

Le Musee di-visioniste

Currently the "Featured Artists" series
are running at the Main Building
the "Cinematheque" at MediaCentre
is showing the successful
"LMD MediaCentre Summer Festival"

1. the four editions of the 'Featured Artists' series
can be accessed via the mainpage www.le-musee-divisioniste.org

"Featured Artists"
One meaning of these features is
to show a variety of contemporary art working,
of different approaches to art, and of using
different actual media
within an online environment,
which changes with each new presentation.

*edition 01
STANZA (London based Steve Tanza) and his net based art projects

**edition 02
1. Wayne Quilliam, Australian aboriginal photographer/artist
2. Ricardo Mbarak, Paris based young Lebanese artist
3. Kevin Jones US media artist

***edition 03
1.Brice Bowman, San Francisco based media artist:
and his project: 'Nothing to declare'
2.Max Hattler and Martin Heaton, Berlin and London based media artists
who collaborated in different art projects: project: 'Pig'
3.Irena Pascali, young Macedonian video artist and her
project: 'On the way to, from Macedonia'
4.Jaka Zelesnikar, net artist from Slovenia and his net based project: 'Poem
for Echelon'

1.Shirin Kouladjie, Teheran born media artist and
her net based diary project "Photomontage".
2. Gregory Chatonsky, French meda artist and
his prize winning net project .io-n.net0
3. Mandy Morrison, New York based video and installation artist
and the visualisation of six selected installations
taken place between 1994 and 1999 in Chicago
4. Max Greenberg, New York based photographer and
his project "Catharsis"
a collage of photographic works from  the series:
HIV, Candy, Homeless, and Cathedral.

Visit these fascinating features on Le Musee divisioniste

2. MediaCentre - Cinematheque

'LMD MediaCentre Summer Festival 2002'
is featuring 33 streaming media works by
Christina McPhee (USA), Seth Thompson (USA), Tony Mestrovic (Croatia),
Doron Golan (USA), Michael Brynntrup (Germany), Fernando Llanos (Mexico),
Melissa Ulto (USA), Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

The festival is running until the next program launch in October/November

Visit this exciting show on

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