[rohrpost] STR-newsletter 08.2002

Station Rose gunafa@well.com
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 15:22:09 +0200

hallo allerseits,

der einfachheit halber, hier der 1.STR_text nach sommerpause in english.
oder sollte es nicht eher heissen, der schwierigkeit halber.  es reicht
eigentlich schon, dass man in english denken/schreiben muss. aber sich dann
noch selbst synchron-re-=FCbersetzen, w=E4re irgendwie absurd. also bleibt e=
so wie es nun mal ist.

in diesem doppelsprachlichen sinne, mit bestem grusse aus der heimlichen
hauptstadt frankfurt


     dear Gunafa Netizen,

it is quite some weeks ago, that

STR sent out the last newsletter.
the reason for that is easy.
we used the summer pause for a newsletter break.
and more or less for a webcast break, too.
it was a pause for realtime netart in a way.
we wanted to feel -

- the feeling of missing it.

  In our opinion as mediartists, realtime should not become a normal everyda=
experience. for sure that would be too early in 2002. It should still stay
exclusively rare.
the internet these days could be seen as an abused place/thing/entity for a
schreibstube or a dustbin for digital garbage, as well as a
place/thing/entity with lots of unused possibilities. where
netart, digital audio-visual art needs time to develop.

 it needs breaks, offline moments - to  be recreated. all the discussions
on netart versus so called normal art as maybe seen on the documenta 11s of
this world, are important. when the talk is about black cubes and video art
at the documentas, the museums, I want to put an emphasis on how long it
took for the artworld to realize/accept videoart, or photography before. So
I think, all our new, fluid, digital netart needs- is time. and we as the
artists who create it, need that, too. to enjoy that process, without
having to be involved too much in a programming process, in an interpretatio=
process, and so on.

while we wanted the realtime-pause, these summer weeks were
no break for <best of webcasting on TV>, on HR/late lounge.
and the experience out of it is:
very interesting to produce/remix/rededit former webcasts for
 fullscreen TV. a challenge to work in that <ultimate>, established
and I have to admit that it is nice to switch on TV, zap around, and
come to Station Rose art.

besides that we are intensely planning our "9.11. Netzwerke" congress,
happening on that date in frankfurt=B4s kuenstlerhaus mousonturm.
more on that soon.

                         end of elisa rose toast, 27.8., 21.53 CET.

and here is the new Fahrplan :

1.0  : next "Webcast 158" .THU/29.8.02, 10pmCET

STReaming a jam session once more to your harddrives.

topic:  special audio-visual session "Customer Support Dub".
content: a  MIDI interpretation of <CS>.
subcontent: why does a 3GB .mov file not save properly on DVD? did the
toast 5 hotline have an answer ?
feelings observed: a MIDI track of a problem looks/soundz more interesting.
advice 01: great in that little STReaming window. but if you blow it up
full screen, it looks even bigger.
advice 02: be there in time, its getting crowded.

2.0  : <best of webcasting on TV> on hr/late lounge
playing now: <best of webcasting 4>
                     03.09., 11.09.
coming up: <best of webcasting 5>
                    19.09.02, 27.09.02, 30.09.02, 08.10.02, 16.10.02

(for exact broadcasting times please look up newspapers/TV mags.)

info: parallel to STReaming, Station Rose has started with a series of
TV productions. The audio-visual art can be seen & heard on TV.
Details: out of 157 webcasts, which so far have taken place, a
special videoedition is re-edited for TV each month.
Selected segments from webcasts, which originally were STReamed as
1-hour audio-visual free form sessions, are resampled, relooped, morphed,
distorted & smoothed, recombined, stretched, cut etc.
Inverse publishing ->from realtime in the net to TV".
The avantgarde approach of free form STReaming becomes cut-up &
turns into pop with a mass audience in a mass medium.

hessen fernsehen (hessischer rundfunk, hr)
on astra 1C, transponder 40, 11,068 ghz. ARD-Digital

3.0  : announcement  < 9.11. Netzwerke>
A media conference in an intermedial and multimedia ambience: talks,
discussions, performances
a project by Kuenstlerhaus Mousonturm, curated by Station Rose.

9.11.2002  Frankfurt
infos at: http://www.stationrose.com/netzwerke.html

stay with us & don=B4t go away!

      "Cyberspace is Our Land!"

             station rose   08-2002