[rohrpost] Listen tonight online to "Frankensteins Netz" by Atau Tanaka

Sabine Breitsameter sbreitsameter@snafu.de
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:11:00 +0200

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Thursday, July 11, 2002, 9 p.m. CET
listen online: http://www.swr2.de/audiohyperspace
and on air on SWR2:

=46inal Mix of =93Frankensteins Netz/Prom=E9th=E9e Num=E9rique/Wiretapping=
 the Beast"
Radio Composition based on an interactive Internet-installation
by Atau Tanaka

Mythology and literature have been reflecting since ever the fear of
new technologies becoming uncontrollable and taking on a life of its
own. Aischylos' ancient =93Prometheus" and Mary Shelley's
=93Frankenstein" from 1817 are famous examples. Atau Tanaka took both
motifs as the basis of his interactive audio piece and made a Kreatur
(http://www.frankensteins-netz.de) appear, which dwells in the
digital networks.

A mysterious being consisting of binary data has been making contact
during the last months, by SMS or e-mail. It has been luring users
onto its website and asking for being fed by text-, sound- and
visual-data. The incorporated material has equally become the audio
piece's basis as the transcontinental live performance via Internet
between artists at the ZKM Karlsruhe/Germany, in Montr=E9al/Canada
(McGill-University) and in Ogaki-City/Japan (IAMAS-Institute) during
the Intermedium-Festival in Germany in March 2002.

=46or his piece's final version Tanaka produced a mix using all the
performances which had been taking place simultaneously on March 23,
2002, in Karlsruhe, Montr=E9al/Canada and Ogaki-City/Japan and were
connected via the Internet.

An important role in the =93Final Mix" plays the Kreatur, which had
been composing autonomously during the live event as a virtual
performer, using the input of the Internet-users, uploaded since
=46ebruary 20, 2002, to the project website.

Reiko A.,
Christiane Bachschmidt,
Steve Karier,
Shunichiro Okada alias i.d.
and Zack Settel

Internet-creature: Antoine Schmitt
databank-server: Peter Hanappe
composition and realization: Atau Tanaka
editor: Hans-Burkhard Schlichting
dramatic director/producer: Sabine Breitsameter

Production: S=FCdwestrundfunk 2002

In co-production with ZKM Institute for Music and Acoustic/DLR
Berlin/Radio-Canada Montr=E9al/Goethe-Institute/intermedium 2 2002;
in collaboration with McGill-University Montreal and the Institute of
Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in Ogaki-City, Japan

Contact the Kreatur:

Access sound stream and further information:

Contact: audiohyperspace@swr.de