[rohrpost] New on Audiohyperspace

Sabine Breitsameter sbreitsameter@berlin.snafu.de
Sun, 12 May 2002 17:40:43 +0200

 Audiohyperspace<underline> </underline>  

has become a monthly online magazine for audio art and acoustic media
art in digital networks and multimedia dataspaces.

 It has a new URL:


This month's issue presents an interview with Professor Joseph
Weizenbaum, the famous creator of "Eliza" and  veteran of lifelike 
"conversational"  programming.

A<fontfamily><param>Geneva</param>udiohyperspace is a website that
selects, presents and reviews network/web based audio art, acoustic
media art and and its related discourses . It is part of the radio art
online program of Southwestgerman Radio's cultural channel SWR2.