[rohrpost] 2new booties

shir khan info@dj-shirkhan.de
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 12:03:21 +0100

Check 2 new booties of me under the section downloads:


(beasty boys, stand by me/ben e. king, jxl vs elvis, passion/the flirts,
depeche mode/master&servant)
The beasty boys=8C passion for the Flirts made them blind to everything else
except this bootlegg. Swing to jxl vs. Elvis and show depeche mode who=B9s th=
master and who=B9s the servant. Shir Khan is the King!...and now let the beat

LIMITED EDITION WORK /"if you gotta fat boot let me search it"
(missy/work it, timbaland,, soul2soul, general degree, reggie stepper, run
dmc, dr.alban)
"If you got a fat bootlegg let me search it...." missy is dickriding on a
timbaland =AD soul2soul - general degree =AD reggie stepper =AD run dmc =AD and YES
Dr. Alban =AD FUSION.
This is hip hop, reggae inna dancehall style! Better work on this one BITCH=