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___________________________________call for participation

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sagas writing interactive fiction
FUTURE TV Workshop
Raimo Lång (YLE, Helsinki)
October 7 ­ 13 2003
Academy for Television and Film Munich, Germany

In this creative cross disciplinary workshop participants will develop
narrative concepts for ITV in teams.
The workshop will be accompanied by introductionary lectures on different
types of programming
for iTV as well as iTV technologies.

The main aim is to explore the potential for interactive, participatory TV
programming based on storytelling.

The course is aiming in the first place at creative professionals working in
the audio-visual industry
(tv, cinema and/or new media) coming from MEDIA member countries.

Applicants coming from other countries please contact the sagas office for

Participation fee (MEDIA member countries):
- freelancers EURO 400,-
- companies EURO 1600,-
funding for travel and hotel available to a limited extend

more information:
or mail to: sagas at sagas.de

best regards,
Brunhild Bushoff
Project Manager

___________Preliminary Timetable
Tuesday, October 7 2003: Arrival Day
___________ Arrival
___________6.30 p.m.    Meet & Greet
___________³Touring through the group² ­ Participants introducing themselves
Wednesday, October 8 2003: Rules and principles of the work area
___________9.15 a.m.
___________ Introduction Lecture: Narratives, interaction and TV ­ what¹s
possible, what works best
 Television as collective and individual narrative space: professional
storytelling and amateur participation ­ Different ways of planning and
organizing fictional interactivity through broadcasting
Theory and cases + group exercises
___________12.00 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.30 p.m.
___________Setting up narrative theme and designing user functions in
interactive cross media
Theory + practice and group exercises
___________3.15 p.m.
___________Social design, concept design and usability/interface design:
three levels and phases of design
Practical theory
Thursday, October 9 2003: Dynamics and dramaturgy behind the idea
___________9.15 a.m.
___________Content and context writing for i-TV ­ how to write & design
creatively in a user centered manner
Process, event and action-reaction: basic situational elements of
Building dramatic individual interactive experience ­ combination of old and
new dramaturgy
Practical theory and group exercise: preparing for a project
___________12.30 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.30 p.m.
___________Structure and dramaturgy in interactive narrative: genres of
interaction in TV/cross media settings
Practical theory and cases + exercise: defining a project idea further
___________2.30 p.m.    Guest speaker  NN
___________3.30 p.m.
___________Project session 1: grouping + group exercise for next day
Friday, October 10 2003: Step by step concept development
___________9.15 a.m.
___________Presentation of exercise work + discussion
___________11.00 a.m.
___________User tasks and behaviour patterns: how to develop step by step
cross media environment motivating, interesting and rewarding
___________Theory + supervised project work session 2
___________12.15 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.15 p.m.
___________Story: elements/characters/playgrounds and design:
navigation/rules/roles/tools ­ how to work in multiple levels ­ how to set
How to build cross media architecture
Theory + supervised project work session 3
___________2.30 p.m.    Guest speaker NN
___________3.30 p.m.
___________Project session 4: presentations + group exercise for next day
Saturday, October 11 2003: Development and testing
___________9.15 a.m.   Developing interactive functions and designs: user
research and testing as a vital part of work
Theory and cases + supervised project work session 5
___________12.15 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.15 p.m.  Testing and determining needed redevelopment
Practical theory + supervised project work session 6
___________3.30 p.m.   Project work continues
Sunday, October 12 2003: Building and presenting a project pitch
___________9.15 a.m.   Developing and building a pitch ­ how do we interest
Practical theory + supervised project work session 7
___________12.15 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.15 p.m.  Group pitching + discussion/evaluation
___________3.15 p.m.   Evaluation of the workshop
Monday, October 13 2003: Departure Day

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