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Dragan Espenschied rp at drx.a-blast.org
Fre Sep 12 17:59:44 CEST 2003

Final call for proposals
Deadline 30 October 2003

Cinématique-O-Thèque at MultimediaCentre
is preparing another show case of new media art

"Excel? Underbid? ......"
[Excel (.xls) as an artistic medium]

Microsoft Office does not only represent a cross-plattform (PC
and Apple) file format for converting and distributing digital and
analogue (floating point) numbers and tables into Internet
compatible downloads, but has a lot of different features and
characteristics which predestine Excel to be a serious artistic
medium beyond that.

Cinématique-O-Thèque invites artists who use Microsoft Office
for their artistic purposes - in which way ever - to submit up
to two (2) works in Excel (.xls) format.

It is preferred that the submitted work has an URL of itsown, in
this case there is no limit of file size. But it is also
possible to send the work via email as .xls file, however, then
will be a file size limit of 5MB for each submitted work.

Deadline 30 October 2003

Please use this form for submitting:
1. name of artist, email address, URL
2. short biography/CV (not more than 5MB Word file (.doc))
3. works (maximum 2): title of work, URL of work, year of production
4. short description of each submitted art work
   (not more than 5MB Word file (.doc))
5. one screenshot for each submitted work (max. 800x600 dpi,
   .bmp only)

Send this form completely filled out together with the media files to:
"Excel-Festival" (Email)

Deadline 30 October 2003

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