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Sam Sep 20 17:12:10 CEST 2003

Kunstradio - September 21st, 2003, 11pm CEST, 9 pm GMT
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OZONE - Radio[aktive] Art
by Derek Holzer and Bas Van Koolwijk

on air: OE1 (FM + SW), Radio 1476 (MW)
on site: Medienturm Graz
on line: http://kunstradio.at, http://www.medienturm.at

In our daily life, we are literally awash in a shifting tide of signals,
frequencies and codes. Our eyes and ears can receive some small part of
these, and pass them along for our brains to interpret. But what of the
rest? Those signals which reach us, and even pass through our very bodies,
on a level which the flesh is not sensitive enough to detect unaided?

OZONE is an immersive electromagnetic environment created by video artist
Bas van Koolwijk [NL] and sound artist Derek Holzer [NL/US] for the
Medienturm Graz in order to address this question. Four video monitors
display an ever-changing array of video signal disturbances. The
electromagnetic waves created by the monitors are captured by a series of
specially-constructed antenna, and then converted to sound which is
processed and spatialized over a 4.1 channel loudspeaker system. The sound,
in turn, goes on to create further video signal disturbances, and an
ongoing chain reaction ensues. Because of the nature of radio waves, every
person or object in the room influences the relationship of sound to image,
making the installation and live radioperformance both immersive and