[rohrpost] Post Paradise - September, 28th

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Son Sep 28 14:51:24 CEST 2003

September 28 th, 2003, 8pm CEST, 6pm GMT

Post Paradise

live on line - on site - on air

Alvin Curran
Johannes Groysbeck
Zahra Mani
Max Nagl
Pauline Oliveros
Pia Palme
Gerhard Potuznik
Mia Zabelka

on site:
8pm CEST (6pm GMT) generator, Konzerthaus
9:30pm CEST (7:30pm GMT) Cafe Prueckel

on air:
11pm CEST (9pm GMT) OE1

on line:

A Soundtransfer between the Konzerthaus, Cafe Prueckel, the Radio and the

Post Paradise will be performed in two locations on site in Vienna, on air
and on line in various interpretations (instrumental / electronic).

The first station of the project Post Paradise will be a concert performed
by Alvin Curran, Johannes Groysbeck, Zahra Mani, Max Nagl, Pauline
Oliveros, Pia Palme and Mia Zabelka in the Konzerthaus, Vienna.

Gerhard Potuznik and Mia Zabelka, on the other hand, will pick up the sound
of the concert and transform the piece digitally, with electronics. The
second part of the performance takes place at the Café Prückel where both
artists will sample and recycle the instrumental sounds.

The third transformation will be the on air version by Mia Zabelka. Zabelka
will use the sound of both parts of the performance, the instrumental and
the digital interpretation of the score.

Another transformation of the project is planned for the beginning of
december 2003. Alvin Curran will work on another radioversion, which is
going to use the sound and material of all transformations from tonight.

Post Paradise is a coproduction by cbb-projects, enterprise z, ORF
Kunstradio and the Konzerthaus, Vienna.