[rohrpost] June on -empyre-: lab3d

Christina McPhee christina112 at earthlink.net
Die Mai 27 08:37:24 CEST 2003

lab3d - the dimensional internet

What are the aesthetic, ethical and theoretical issues surrounding immersion
and representation in 3d space? How are technical and financial parameters
shaping the future of independent artists creating online 3d experiential

Please  join us for the month of June  when -empyre- guests are drawn from
lab3d, curated  by Kathy Rae Huffman at Cornerhouse, Manchester.
Participating lab3d installation artists include John Klima (USA), Michael
Pinsky (UK), Melinda Rackham (Australia), Anthony Rowe of SquidSoup (UK),
and  Tamiko Thiel (Germany/Japan).  Artists from Web3dArt2003 include  Simon
Biggs (UK),  Steve Guynup (USA),  Adam Nash (Australia),  Ales Vaupotic &
Narvika Bovcon (Slovinia), Ayoub Sarouphim (Lebanon/USA),  Edward Tang and
Przemyslaw Moskal (USA), and Grégoire Zabé (France).

Curators from several partner institutions who will be simultaneously
showing the web3d section of lab3d including Lina Dzuverovic-Russell at ICA
London, Taylor Nuttall from Folly Gallery, Lancaster David Osbaldeston at
Cornerhouse, and Melentie Pandilovski of Experiemental Art Foundation,
Adelaide will also join the discussion.

Edited by Taylor Nuttall and Melinda Rackham, a freeware Reader version of
online forum and offline lab3d symposium will be available later in the year
for web download or from participating organizations.

For more information:  http://www.subtle.net/empyre/guests.html

To join -empyre- forum: http://www.subtle.net /empyre/

Simon Biggs              http://www.babel.uk.net/
Steve Guynup             http://www.pd.org/~thatguy
John Klima                 http://www.cityarts.com
Przemyslaw Moskal http://www.laksom.com
 &  Edward Tang             http://www.antiexperience.com/edtang
Adam Nash                http://yamanakanash.net/projects.html
Michael Pinsky http://www.michaelpinsky.com
Melinda Rackham         http://www.subtle.net/empyrean
Anhtony Rowe (Squidsoup) http://www.altzero.com/
Ayoub Sarouphim             http://www.mat.ucsb.edu/~ayoub
Tamiko Thiel            `            http://mission.base.com/tamiko
Ales Vaupotic & Narvika Bovcon  http://black.fri.uni-lj.si/videospace/
Grégoire Zabé             http://www.nobox-lab.com
Lab3d             http://www.cornerhouse.org/exhibitioninfo.asp?ID=54
Kathy Rae Huffman & David Osbaldeston, Cornerhouse Manchester
Taylor Nuttall, Folly Lancaster                   http//www.folly.co.uk
Melentie Pandilovski,  EAF Adelaide         http://www.eaf.asn.au
Lina Dzuverovic-Russell,  ICA London           http://www.ica.org.uk

Christina McPhee