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Commemorates in December 2004 -
the year 2004 as the
the International Year to Commemorate
the struggle against Slavery and its Abolition -
and the selected memorial days
01 December 2004 - World AIDS DAY
03 December 2004 - International Day of Disabled Persons
08 December 1941 - Destruction Camp Celmno (Poland) opened
10 December 2004 - Human Rights Day
29 December 2004 - International Day for Biological Diversity 
Table of Contents: 
a) AIDS 2004 - a short note
b) Features of the month
c) News
1 December - World AIDS Day 
December 2004 is dedicated to the victims of AIDS 
a) AIDS 2004 - a short note 
I cannot remember that the topic AIDS was in 2004 
in the headlines, the same was 2003 and the previous years. 
According to the latest statistics, the new HIV infections were never worse than in 2004, 
more than 4 million new infections, and more than 3 million people died of AIDS this year. 
I remember very well, when the SARS virus was spread from China to the rest of the worlds 
some time ago, and some dozens people worldwide died, the Western society was deadly frightened 
of a worldwide epidemy. There were other hysterics with other virus infections during the past years, 
when not even one person was seriously affected. 
If some dozens dead people are called an epidemy and are in headlines for weeks, 
the dimension of countless dead people and new infection in the AIDS statistics are indeed blasting 
any imagination. 
Most of the victims live(d) in the so-called Third World countries and the majority are women and children, 
and this might be a reason for the lack of public interest. 
But it is also not like that, that the Western societies are less threatened. 
Over some years, the AIDS prevention was functioning very well, and the public got the idea 
the AIDS problem was about to be eliminated , but the young generations do not care too much about any prevention 
and not only sexual deseases like Syphilis, but also new HIV infections are spreading increasingly again. 
Everybody who has a social consciousness, 
should take 1 December - World AIDS Day - 
in order to be kept informed about AIDS and HIV infected people in the near surroundings of his community, 
and support consequently the numerous public and private initiatives to prevent HIV/AIDS and, above all, allow HIV infected people 
a living and dying in dignity, this is the least what can be expected. 
New month - new subject
*The Features of the Month are monthly changing
collections of multimedia works and links which form in the
totality of the composition an artwork of theirown
to be created on a webpage of theirown
within the Memorial project.*
b) ***Features of the Month December 
dedicated to the victims of AIDS 
Subject this month: Just positive! and now? 
Intro: Karposi Park 
Featured project - Just Positive! -4 HIV positive artists 
Featured Project - Memorial f/ Victims of AIDS 
Protection 1 - Artists with Aids 
Protection 2 - AIDS & Women 
Protection 3 - AIDS & Children 
Protection 4 - AIDS & Human Rights 
Protection 5 - AIDS & Medicine 
Protection 6 - Jason's Legacy
Witnesses of Eternity - Siena 
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c) News
{A Virtual Memorial} is proud
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www.file.org.br <http://www.file.org.br> 23 November - 12 December 2004 
404 Electronic Art Festival Rosario/Argentina
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7-12 Dcemeber 2004 
Currently, some documentations of the physical installations of
the global networking project are under construction,
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004/ <> , there is already some material online
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