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Son Sep 5 10:30:16 CEST 2004

New submix by [in]anace

submix029: Radio GAGA: Late-Night Edition

Für Stimmen im Suburban Network

An unusual free music and netaudio instant
electronic/ambient/idm/hip-hop/speech DJset collected and mixed by the
subsource.de head.

There is so much music possible. There are techniques to make every
inconceivably tone listenable. When you are deep into electronic music
you get an enormous input of music that is created in a strange and
exotic way. Through the years i taught myself to understand avant garde
and pop music (!) as well and it was not easy sometimes. After all the
human voice is the most beautiful and changeable sound machine i known
and it is always a pleasure to listen to voices of people who have a
nice sounding voice or at least something interesting to say.
So there was the intention to collect another DJset (the first was Radio
GAGA, submix024) with a focus on human voices and i am presenting it on
subsource.de. Radio GAGA was funny, this one is more musing for the late
hours of a day. This DJset contains words to think about, maybe there
are phrases with a deeper meaning. But it's not a must to understand the
words, the meaning is equal.
This DJset is about sound.

» look and feel here
_ http://www.subsource.de/submix/029/

» read setlist here

» hifi mp3 stream here (109 min)
_ http://www.archive.org/download/submix029/submix029_vbr.m3u

» direct download mp3 here (135 mb)
_ http://snipurl.com/8v9h

A smashing techno mix by [in]anace is called "pulkpushing revolving
doors" and was just released on realaudio.ch »

Thank you!
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