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JavaMuseum - 
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art 
(JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs) 
www.javamuseum.org <http://www.javamuseum.org> 
launched on 11 September 2004 its last feature 
within the 3rd of Java series, entitled 
"WitchCraft" including following New Media artists 
Susan Collins (UK) 
Nanette Wylde (USA)
Yvonne Martinsson (Sweden) 
Laurie Halsey Brown (Netherlands/USA)
Luigia Cardarelli (Italy) 
May Trubuhovich (Australia) 
This show represents another contribution to 
global networking project 
www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004 <http://www.newmediafest.org/rrf2004> 
and was launched on occasion of 
[R][R][F]2004--->XP presentation during 
Biennale of Electronic Art in Perth/Australia 
www.beap.org <http://www.beap.org> 
7 September - 17 November 2004 
About the show: 
As the title "WitchCraft" already says, the show refers to "the magic". 
But not only connected to the included art work, the use of technology 
and the transformation of contents into a web compatible expression, 
but also to six talented but most individually working female artists 
who use their craft to create some magic moments, 
witches in the best sense of the word, who play with their spiritual power 
in order to inspire the audience. 
Fenlandia by Susan Collins 
--->installes from May 2004 on webcams in various sites -
rural and technological - in the Silicon Fen area of East Anglia (England). 
The webcam is harvesting images pixel by pixel over the course of the year.
Each image is collected from top to bottom and left to right in horizontal
bands continuously, recording fluctuations in light and movement throughout
the course of the day.The speed at which each image is updated is influenced
by the speed of the internet and network traffic at any given time. 
fenlandia is also being developed as a distributable artwork which can be
viewed full screen and updated live to your computer in real time. 
-->About the artist: 
Susan Collins studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, The School of the Art
Institute of Chicago (as a Fulbright scholar) and completed a Ph.D. in 2001
Since 1993 she has worked mainly with site specific installation, often in
the form of interventions in a range of public spaces. 
Solo shows include: Suspect Devices 1997; In Conversation 1997-2001, shown
in Brighton, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Cardiff, and Berlin, linking viewers on
the internet with pedestrians on the street; and Transporting Skies 2002, a
networked exhibition shown simultaneously at Site Gallery, Sheffield and
Newlyn Gallery, Penzance. 
She is currently working with Film and Video Umbrella (UK) on
Fenlandia, an online landscape project based in Britain's Silicon Fen. 
Tru ValU by Nanette Wylde 
--->Tru ValU is an investigation of beauty and the 216 web safe color
palette. The site responds to visitor selection by displaying color
relationships based on mathematical determinates.
Tru ValU is a net.art project which employs webpage counters via cgi
scripts, and the web safe 216 color palette. The web safe 216 palette
includes only those colors that are consistent between Macintosh and PC
operating systems. The palette is based on six value increments each for
Red, Green and Blue and has nothing to do with beauty. 
"I am thinking about containment and control... the systems and
codification of beauty, and how these are sanctioned and internalized in
larger social constructs. I am thinking about centralities, the randomness
of designations, and the reduction of our global palette to 216 'safe'
I am thinking about the need/desire/propensity and willingness to count,
and the values we place on numbers however arbitrary their
assignments/connections to things meaningful in our lives.
I am thinking about the expansion of simple mathematical concepts into
metaphors both hidden and inherent in information technologies and the
implications thereof.
I am thinking about individuality, plurality and the singularity of the moment.
I am thinking about what is important, what is not, and how we determine
what is meaningful, valuable and relevant in our lives." 
--->About the artist: 
Nanette Wylde is a cultural worker investigating human understanding and
perception through interactive and narrative forms of electronic media.
Recent exhibitions include: Interfacing Ideas at the Blue Room
Gallery in San Francisco; ChangMai New Media Festival in Chang Mai
Thailand; Digital Visions at the University of British Columbia in Canada;
International Symposium of Electronic Art in Nagoya, Japan; 
SIGGRAPH 2002 etc.
Wylde has an MFA from the Advanced Computing Center for Art and
Design at Ohio State University. She is an Assistant Professor of Art &
Art History at California State University, Chico. 
--->Using the most advanced technologies in the expressive way,art can again give itself .at center of a culture,where art and science intersect themselves giving birth a New Humanisme.The artist is owner of the science and the technology, he/she produces hitherto unkown expressive ways, referred to the technological man in his totality: mind,imagination,power,fragility,dreams,longines,disappointment,knowledges and foolishness.
---> About the artist: 
Coming from humanistic disciplines, an graduaded at Academy of arts in Rome ,she teached drawing for some time.She found the computer only, an appropriate means of expression to realize a "New Humanism";in these conditions arts and science can represent suitably to contemporary man. 
She participates in many projects on line:-Web Biennal 2003- Istanbul Contemporary Art ,Museum-Chiangmai first new media festival - ICECA,goto("net_art"),The palimpsest project - Stasis_Space,Liberarti,Reload-NetArt Open 2002 - Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum,The digital pocket gallery,One:codedpixels,Digital Salvage,Actual position of Italian Net Art - Java Museum,Con|text - Stasis_Space,Violence Online Festival - Java Museum,Free Manifesta
4. Duplicities by Yvonne Martinsson 
--->Duplicities is a collection of three media works made by Yvonne in the last year. Thematically, they show how love, desire and rage intersect in a cornucopia of spectral duplicities. The technologies of her choice in the making of these works have been html, dhtml and Quick Time.
--->About the artist: Yvonne is a new media writer who works at the crossroads of text, art and design. 
Studio, 2002 by Laurie Halsey Brown 
--->This site is a project space, a working studio with a focus on space, place and time. when you enter the 'studio', you see the floor and fragments of its north/south/east/west sides relative to the time of day where you are i.e. according to your computers clock. by moving the compass, you gain a larger perception of the space and an awareness of place, geographically. clicking the text within the windows of the studio will take you to evolving site-responsive projects that were created internationally. programmer gert rietveld. 
2002 Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, Ireland Open Museum 
--->About the artist: 
Laurie Halsey Brown is an artist from New York presently based in Rotterdam | her architecturally focused projects have been shown both in the U.S. including the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC and internationally | her work deals with a psychological, experiential relationship to architecture and surrounding ideas of (dis)location, simultaniety and reflection | as an aspect of her intra-disciplinary practice, she has created installations public art projects, and curated exhibitions, she also makes single-channel videos that have been screened at international festivals, which articulate psychological movements of time.
Dream Appartments by May Trubuhovich 
--->Dream Apartments is a wry look at the language of real estate advertisements. The user's search for the perfect "dream apartment" reveals the less than ideal truth often lurking behind the hyperbole. 
--->About the artist: Originally from New Zealand, May Trubuhovich now lives in Sydney. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Canterbury, NZ, and a background in filmmaking and animation. Her animated films have been screened in many major film and animation festivals, including Hiroshima, Annecy and Sydney.
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