[rohrpost] EXTASY - the final show of JavaMuseum

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Mon Apr 4 12:18:48 CEST 2005

Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art 
www.javamuseum.org <http://www.javamuseum.org> 
is happy to launch on 5 April 
"EXTASY - the final show" 
EXTASY is the 18th showcase in the frame-work of 
JavaMuseum's project environment, entitled "the 1st phase", 
organized during the years 2001-2005. 
By spotlighting net based art ("netart") in a global context 
a unique collection of netart from the years 2000-2004 developed. 
In 2004, JavaMuseum decided to stop these kind of activities, 
also a series of global competitions and collaborations 
with internation festivals belong to that. 
The reasons are various, but one of the main reasons 
is and was the desolate situation of "netart" 
and the descreasing artistic production and quality. 
But the end of these activities, 
means in fact only the start of a new, the "2nd phase", 
which will be starting already soon. 
The archivation of the 18 showcases belongs to that. 
EXTASY - the showcase- represents a kind of final rear 
by presenting 41 art works from the years 2003 and 2004 
by 41 artists. Find more conceptional details on 
www.javamuseum.org <http://www.javamuseum.org> 
Here are the participatings artists: 
Gast Bouschet, Fanny Aboulker, Pat Badani
j.t.wine, Brook A Knight, Lars Vilhelmsen
DLSAN, J. Sundheim & B. Reuss
JanedaPain/Jane Crayton, Michael Kargl, Calin Man
Ramesh Srinivasan, Jody Zellen, Rodrigo de Toledo
Gregory Chatonsky, Carla Della Beffa, Sue Huang
Andreja Andric, Emilio Jimenez Sanchez 
Babel, Kathrin Kur, Indira Montoya, Marcello Mercado
Speranza Casillo, Ian Flitman, Nicole Lawter
Andrea Polli, Agricola de Cologne, Marc Lee
Simon Fildes & Katrina McPherson
laurie halsey brown, Beat Suter & Rene Bauer
Luigia Cardarelli, Sandra Crisp, Coniglioviola
David Clark, Pascale Malaterre, Rob Whynot
Nadja Kutz & Tim Nikolai Hoffmann,
Kyon, Fabian Giles, Michael Takeo Magruder
"EXTASY - the final show" 
is also featured on 
global networking project 
on occasion of the project's participation in 
IMAGES Festival for Video and New Media Toronto/Canada 
www.imagesfestival.com <http://www.imagesfestival.com> - 6-17 April 2005 
"EXTASY - the final show" 
can be accessed 
via JavaMuseum main site 
www.javamuseum.org <http://www.javamuseum.org> 
but also directly via 
and of course 
via the [R][R][F]2005--->XP site 
(Memory Channel 6 - Program Channel) 
A complete list of all 18 showcases 
can be found on www.javamuseum.org <http://www.javamuseum.org> 
but also on the new Weblog of 
JavaMuseum - 
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art 
www.javamuseum.org <http://www.javamuseum.org> 
is corporate part of 
contact: info at javamuseum.org <mailto:info at javamuseum.org>