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Mon Aug 8 13:49:11 CEST 2005

Es scheint wohl ein Problem mit dem Anhang gegeben zu haben.
Hier die unformatierte Fassung von Carmo:

Design for a New World Order (2050)

Objectives of Design 
1.	To foster the growth of World Constitutionalism to make this world a better and safer place to live in . 
2.	To identify essential values that are needed to be fostered for the survival and growth of mankind. 
3.	To identify concepts that at present exist and hinder the growth of New World Order. 
4.	To identify concepts required for the growth of  a Just New World Order .

Name of the Design: World Constitutionalism
1.	World Constitutionalism does not require a document to start with.
2.	It can be like a British Constitutionalism
3.	Constitutionalism in US and India grew rapidly with the document.
4.	Work can start with identification of Legal Principles and Values for World Constitutionalism
5.	Such Principles and Legal values will help in orientation of municipal legislatures and courts even if they are not binding. 

Values : 
·	Respect to Human Rights, 
·	Commitment to World Peace and Harmony, 
·	Principle of Rule of Law , Principle of Justice, 
·	Principle of Humane Democracy, 
·	Alleviation of World Poverty ,  
·	Evolution of Healthy World Legislature, 
·	Evolution of Effective Court System at International level , 
·	World Governance through Constitutional documents.
Should we keep this values? Should we add more? How should we define them?

Principles to be included ( Any suggestions?)

Views on European Constitutionalism visa-vis World Constitutionalism ( Not to be included but for sharing ideas.
1.	May help Europe to grow together enhancing and empowering individual nations. 
2.	There may be less resistance to European Constitutionalism than the European constitution. 
3.	European Constitutionalism may consist of principles and values for the growth of Europe as an entity and part of the globe. 
4.	European Constitutionalism will be looked with less fear by other countries if it is based on principles in harmony to world Constitui0onalism. 
5.	European Constitutionalism which merely helps Europe may lead to exploitative regimes taking advantage of inherent strength of unity to use the regimes for its own selfish end. 
6.	European Constitutionalism may progress provided its principles are in keeping and in harmony with World Constitutionalism or at least do not violate its norms.
7.	If European Constitutionalism is based on world Constitutionalism , it will definitely meet the requirements of justice and fairness .

World Constitutionalism 
Is the need of the hour .. We cannot wait for a draft. The World should identify the concepts and values needed for its survival , should develop the philosophy, jurisprudence etc. to bring about the desired transformation. 

Writtenness . 
Writteness is not essential element of Constitution and much less of a World Constitutionalism . The British Constitution is unwritten though there are some written documents 

·	Does the concept of National Sovereignty  requires redefining to make it make it more meaningful specially to the majority of weaker nations?
·	Are nations in reality Sovereign ?
·	 Does the jurisprudence built around the concept of war needs redefining with the newer emerging war technologies?
·	Should the Rule of Law have primacy over politics in international relations?
·	Can extra legal position of a Constitution be explored to support  a World Constitution?

Till Nikolaus von Heiseler <Till_N_v_Heiseler at web.de> schrieb am 08.08.05 10:02:57:
> Dear all,
> attached you'll find a brainstorming from Prof. Dr. Carmo D'Souza from Goa
> on Design and World Constitutionalism.
> We kindly invite everybody to join the ongoing discussion.
> Greetings,
> Till Nikolaus von Heiseler
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