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Luis Fernández Pons lfernapo8 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 15 12:44:59 CEST 2005

globale06 is looking for films

globale06 is a Berlin collective, made up of political activists, artists, 
students, filmpassionates...and many more, who organize a 
globalization-critical filmfestival in a more or less annual cycle. In 2006 
we are going into our third year.

globale06 - as a political filmfestival - is about more than showing films: 
during one week globale fills two established Berlin cinemas and a 
festivalcenter and is participated by around 4000 people each year. Films 
are not shown on their own but combined with discussions and workshops 
taking place directly after the screenings and throughout the whole week. 
Sometimes we invite filmmakers, activists or 'experts' to give us inputs and 
share their knowledge and experience with us. In addition to the Berlin 
location several films are going to be screened in a number of other German 
cities afterwards.

Every year we focus on 5-6 subjects that we find to be politically important 
in the context of globalization and that we discuss in greater detail. The 
topics for the globale06 haven't been chosen yet but these might be some 
suggestions: G8, religion, sexual violence, privatization, migration, media 
and power relations, racism, global working conditions, etc. ... Here is 
your part of the game: support us in finding films from all around the 
world! Forward this mail to your activist and filmmaker friends and 
acquaintances, people you think might have knowledge about or access to 
films. Or send us info about the films you have made. Or tell us about films 
you have seen. Every genre – documentary, shorts, clips, activists-films, 
feature-films – and format – except Beta NTSC – is welcome. We will then get 
back to you and ask you to send us acopy.

globale filmfestival
c/o medienKombinat
Köpenicker Str. 187 / 188
10997 Berlin

Contact us: films at globale-filmfestival.de


For those who want to know about our infrastructure: globale is open to 
everyone who wants to participate in the organisation, based on a few basic 
principles: no hierarchies (except informal ones :-)), no sexisms, no 
racisms, no anti-semitism. Decisions are taken through consensus. We all 
work on a voluntary basis, the festival itself is financed through 
foundations, public funds, local support and collectives. No sponsoring by 
commercial partners.Throughout the year we try to support political 
campaigns and events through our tools, knowledgeand our growing 
filmarchive, i.e. the anti-lager-tours or the EuroMayday. To know more also 
checkthe website!

Luis Fernandez Pons