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schon mal hier geschaut? --> http://print.google.com/

By Bambi Francisco, MarketWatch
Last Update: 3:31 PM ET Aug. 15, 2005  

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch): Google's digital library on hold 
-- It comes down to opting in or opting out. Google (GOOG: news, chart,
profile) has shelved its ambitious library project 
-- to scan every book in the world 
-- for three months to allow copyright holders time to opt out of being
scanned and included in Google's index. 

The scanning of books has been suspended so that "any and all copyright
holders can tell us which books they'd prefer that we not scan if we find
them in a library," said Adam Smith, Google's print product manager, on
Google's blog. 
But the Association of American Publishers says that the opt-out option is
not good enough. 
"The rights of copyright owners, like those of patent owners, are
established within an opt-in framework, rather than an opt-out framework,"
said Allan Adler, vice president of legal & government affairs at the trade
association, in an e-mail. 
"This means that, subject only to specific limitations established by
federal law, the rights of a copyright owner are exclusive to the copyright
owner and cannot be exercised by anyone else unless and until the copyright
owner has opted in to such an exercise by a prior grant of permission."
Since launching Google Print nearly a year ago, Google has relied on fair
use to defend the legality of its activities, attorneys said. 
Google's plan to halt this project comes nearly a year after launching
Google Print back in October 2004, calling it a way "for publishers to make
their books discoverable by the millions of people who search on Google." 
The problem with an opt-out framework is that "anyone and everyone" would be
able to "freely reproduce and distribute copies of a copyrighted work unless
and until the copyright owner becomes aware of the activity and objects to
it," according to Adler. 
It is still unclear how much money Google can make with its ambitious
library project, but apparently making money has been the least of its

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