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Radio.Territories partners are calling for proposals for artist in residency programs – for more information please go to: http://www.radia.fm/territories/residencies/

RADIO.TERRITORIES is a series of urban and acoustic interventions taking place across Europe organized by a number of radio stations / programmes, of which Kunstradio is one of the partners. From October 2005 to September 2006, various events will take place in Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Cluj, Lisbon, Mooste, Prague, London, Sofia and Vienna. A final conference is planned for September 2006, in Vienna.

Kunstradio programme in December

Zwischen Antares und Altair 
by Andres Bosshard  - in 5.1 Surround Sound via OE1DD

In May this year, following an invitation from Kunstradio, the Swiss musician and sound architect Andres Bosshard held a 5.1 workshop at for Vienna-based artists at the Funkhaus. During this workshop he also developed a new piece, „Zwischen Antares und Altair“;  a radio piece about places that only exist in our imagination, or rather which we can only imagine as they are too devote to reach out for … Stars and planets, for example, names of places which provoke a quiet buzz, a low noise, whispers, a breeze.

A three-dimensional feedback-loop was installed from the subterranean surround studio of the ORF crossing the passageways, leading into other studios, recording possible acoustic-magnetic spacial fluctuations. Sonic traces of everyday routines of the working crew, musicians coming in and out of the studios, the cleaning staff etc. mix into this buzz of an ever more circulating sound installation.

Happy Birthday Ars Sonora 
by Rupert Huber and Mia Zabelka - LIVE in 5.1 Surround Sound via OE1DD

Funnily enough, Rupert Huber and Mia Zabelka, two outstanding musicians based in Vienna working in the electronic / experimental field, have only once so far performed together – when, within the range of „Audiomobile“, a project hosted by Kunstradio and the MAKnite, they developed a live performance for the MAKnite in October this year. With „Happy Birthday Ars Sonora“ they are pursuing their artistic collaboration with a live radio performance. As the title suggests Happy Birthday Ars Sonora is a multichannel birthday serenade performed with e-violin and various electronic devices and samples and is dedicated to the Spanish radio art programme „Ars Sonora“ which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. 

"Keks und Karpfen"
a Christmas radio play by Albert Pall and Josef Klammer

Kunstradio listeners are familiar with Albert Pall, author, and Josef Klammer, musician for their „Radiocomics“ series, short radio pieces which have been presented throughout this and last year. 
For the very last Kunstradio broadcast in 2005, the duo has created a Christmas special, „Keks und Karpfen“ which refers to two traditional inventories of Austrian Christmas, assorted biscuits and stewed carp.

Light the candles. Switch on the radio, tune in, lean back and just listen. Here, Christmas is celebrated as it actually is. The way it has always been. Unearthly beautiful.

On Monday, December 19, 7 p.m. Albert Pall and Josef Klammer will present the Radiocomics Series #7-12 and the new CD at the Alte Schmiede in Vienna with a live reading / acoustic performance. Elisabeth Zimmermann from Kunstradio will also be there and talk about the project. 

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