[rohrpost] ARAD-II Miami Beach Crisis

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Don Dez 1 17:02:42 CET 2005

ARAD-II Miami Beach Crisis

Art Basel Miami Beach Outbreak

In mid-november of 2005, Guenther Friesinger visited the Ulaangom Biennial in
the Republic of Mongolia. Guenther was representing the group 'monochrom' at
the festival where he held two lectures and took care of a small monochrom
exhibition. After returning to the capital of Mogolia he directly departed to
Miami to attend some meetings at _Art Basel Miami Beach_.

There is acute evidence that he is carrying a rare, but highly contaigent
sub-form of the Arad-II Virus (Onoviridae family), of which Freiburg virus is
also a member. Arad-II is a trigger of Morbus Gamow-Shapley disease. Of the
approximate 1,500 identified Arad-II cases worldwide, nearly all of the
patients have died in a state of mental aberration.

Our biosquad unit is in contact with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention) and a team of experts, including Dr. Van Junzt.

We want to find all the people that Guenther Friesinger smalltalked to and
handshaked with. We want to retrieve and destroy the business cards he has
spread. Additionally we must take him into custody and in the event of his
death cremation is absolutely necessary. Time is running out. Please help us.

For further information and vaccination, please visit our center at
sixspace at
Art Aqua/Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Ave.), Room 220.
Contact: +1 305.538.4361 / Room 220.