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Mit Jul 13 21:34:40 CEST 2005

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W E T    I N T E R V I E W S

livestreaming performance at the lavatory of a turkish/kurdish restaurant
in vienna bilingual turkish/english. topic: turkey and the rest of europe.
during the performance the very narrow lavatory of the restaurant was
completely crowded.

oRANGE fm 94.0, VIENNA

T H E    S I N K    O F   T H E    W O R L D

The magnificent adventure of Cap. Lettuce, Admiral Salad and the Scientist
Bonifácio and their search for caustic soda to unplug the sink of the
world. The story is played in portuguese but translation is provided at
the buffet table...

BapCatrap team, Radio Riist, Lissabon.

W O    H O E R S T    D U    A U F ?

eine amerikanische Untersuchung
der Anrede im Deutschen
mit Stimmen aus Berlin

Patrick Hubenthal


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