[rohrpost] Symposium: Science and Art – an Evolving Relationship (Heidelberg, 15. Juli)

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Die Mai 31 19:47:12 CEST 2005

Symposium: Science and Art – an Evolving Relationship

EMBL Heidelberg, European Molecular Biology Laboratory

15 July 2005, EMBL Heidelberg [Operon and Operon Foyer]

Scientists and artists, through their thoughts, projects, and products,
change the world. The aim of this art and science event at EMBL is to
explore various aspects of creativity at the interface between science and

13:00-13:10                 Welcome

13:10-13:55                 Suzanne Anker, School of Visual Arts, New York
Beauty and the beast: Transforming paradigms in art and science

13:55-14:40                 Arthur I. Miller, Univ. College, London
Abstract art/abstract science

14:40-15:25                 Christa Sommerer, Univ. of Art and Design, Linz
The art and science of interface culture

15:25-16:00                 Coffe break

Panel discussion

Chair: Professor Peter Weibel, Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie
[ZKM], Karlsruhe

Panelists: Nadia Rosenthal, EMBL; Giovanni Frazzetto, EMBL; Caroline
Lemerle, EMBL and the invited speakers

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