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Die Jan 17 16:40:11 CET 2006

KUNSTRADIO NEWSLETTER - January 17th, 2006

Art's Birthday 2006: TransDADAExpress LIVE

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Happy Art's Birthday!

Art's Birthday is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by the French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou.
He suggested that 1,000,000 years ago, there was no art. But one day, on the 17th of January to be precise, Art was born. According to Filliou, it happened when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water. Filliou proposed a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives. In recent years, the idea has been taken up by a loose network of artists and friends around the world. Each year the Eternal Network evolves to include new partners - working with the ideas of exchange and telecommunicationsart.

This year, due to the opening of the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich 90 years ago which marks the beginnings of DADA, Art’s Birthday refers to the DADA movement as essential influence and role model for networked-based art and contemporary sound art.

Art's Birthday 2006: TransDADAexpress live in and from Vienna
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on line: http://kunstradio.at
on site: ORF Kulturcafe in Vienna, Argentinierstr. 30a, A - 1040 Vienna
on air: OE1, the cultural channel of the ORF (Austrian National Radio) in SW, MW, FM from 20.30 to 22.00 and from 23.05 to midnight also in and 5.1 via OE1DD 

In Vienna the artists, writers and musicians who will be contributing birthday presents for Art will include:

- Die Schwestern Bruell, a Vienna-based girl-trio, will dedicate their performance dada on 45 to poems and texts by Raul Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters and Tristan Tzara.
- Fritz Ostermayer 
will explore dadaist voices under the motto Only a dead dadaist is a good dadaist.
- Sergej Mohntau - a duo, will perform "Acoustic Palindromes".
- Musicians and composers like Colophony Circuit, Deutschbauer/Spring, groisz/schmeiser, who are not pianists, are invited to attempt to play the piano under the title "Klavierscheitern" (Piano Failure).
- Raul Schrott has recorded some of his Texts as present for Art.
- Helge Hinteregger will collage a live 5.1 on-air mix in the hour before midnight from excerpts of artist's birthday presents circulating in the international art's birthday network.

Everybody is cordially invited to come and celebrate with us!

In the framework of the EU project radio.territories (http://radia.fm) organised by Radio Orange 94.0 (http://orange.or.at)


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