[rohrpost] JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project - interview with BABEL (Canada)

{JavaMuseum} agricola-w at netcologne.de
Don Mar 16 12:42:35 CET 2006

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

is happy to announce a new project, entitled:
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project
to be launched in June/July 2006 online.

About the project:
Agricola de Cologne, director of JavaMuseum
is interviewing a number of selected artists active in the field of Internet based art
who participated in the "1st phase", the 18 JavaMuseum showcases 2001-2004,
in order to spotlight their artistic background, activities and visions.
Once completed - JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project will release the collected interviews online
on the new project site - http://jip.javamuseum.org , but immediately
also in form of one interview per week on the new weblog -
JIP - JavaMuseum Interview Project

These series start this week (13-19 March 2006) &
Agricola de Cologne (AdC) is interviewing BABEL,
a multiple participant in JavaMuseum shows,
a digital writer and artist from Canada
who has exhibited solo and collaborative work online and offline since 2002.


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