[rohrpost] Final call: for Internet based works

{rrf2006} agricola-w at netcologne.de
Die Mar 21 12:14:28 CET 2006

Final call  for submissions
Deadline: 1 April 2006

On 31 December 2005,
the global networking project
[R][R][F]2005--->XP by Agricola de Cologne
http://rrf2005.newmediafest.org   experired,
but was reborn on 1 January 2006 as [R][R][F]2006--->XP

Since its start in March 2004, the RRF project has become one of the most successful
Internet based projects of its kind and was presented meanwhile about 50 times
in virtual and physical space
details see also NetEX - networked experience
all recent news can be found also on http://netex.nmartproject.net

For the new season 2006, [R][R][F]2006--->XP
is inviting artists working with New Media to submit their
latest Internet based projects
dealing with the theme "memory" in a narrow or wider sense,
including aspects of identity, violence, human rights, controll (surveillance),
globalisation and much more, see also the "Memory Channels" on

The RRF project is planned to be active also beyond the year 2007.
As a most unique source of collective memory RRF project will remain online for permanent.

A single artist or an artist collective can submit up to 3 projects/works.
The projects have to be submitted as URL, thus must have an Internet address of their own,
but there is an option (on request) to accept also cloned projects (including all necessary files)
for being hosted on RRF server (recommended in case a project is not planned to remain for permanent online)
The use of following plug-ins is accepted:
Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime, Real Player, Cortona (3D)
(other plug-ins on request)

Please use this entry form for submitting:

1.name of artist(s), email address(es), URL(s)
(in case of an artists collective please credit all participants properly)
2. short biography/CV (not more than 300 words each)
3. 3 work/project max. -->
  a) title
  b) year of production
  c) used technology
  d) URL for review and inclusion
4. work description ( not more than 500 words)
5. 2 screenshots(.jpeg, max. 800x600 px) for each submitted work
Please send the complete submission to
rrf2006 at newmediafest.org
subject: [R][R][F]2006--->XP submission

For the option of submitting a cloned project,
please contact rrf2006 at newmediafest.org for details
subject: cloned project submission

This calls is also issued on
NetEX - networked experience