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Sound out of your body motion
Touchless control
Sensing airflow
Playing with water drops


=Registration Deadline= OCTOBER=31=2006


A=V = experimental audiovisual festival Munich


Andrey.Smirnov* - Director of the Theremin Center for Electroacoustic 
music at Moscow State Conservatory, director of the Altermedium 
Festival, member of the Electronic Music Foundation Advisory Council, NY


Domagkstr.33; House 49; Dachgallerie


24.11.2006 final presentation of participants at A=V Festival

=Registration Deadline=


The registration for Workshop is limited to 10 participants.
A bigger group is also possible, if several people wish to develop work 
in collaboration.
Lectures are open to everybody without any limitations




There is NO FEE for the workshop, but we would charge 5 Euro per day for 
drinks and snacks during workshop breaks


This intensive 3-day workshop offers a hands-on introduction to 
interactive systems, based on the sensor technology, developed by Andrei 
Smirnov to measuring and monitoring human motion, air and water flows, 
variations in the vibrations of light beams, temperature, different 
mechanical vibrations etc. The sensors are built on the same principle 
as the well-known electronic musical instrument Theremin, created by 
Russian inventor Leon Theremin in 1919. It was the first electronic 
musical instrument, made with special antennas to control sound by the 
free movement of hands in the space surrounding it. More recent digital 
USB Theremin-sensors can be used in different kinds of motion capturing 
systems, to measure and monitor variations of air flow, mechanical 
vibrations, changes of electrical capacitance of any conductive medias etc.

The workshop is oriented for sound artists and media artists as well as 
composers and musicians, who are involved in contemporary music, have a 
particular interest in sound art and interactive systems, unknown 
history and musical technology in general.

The theoretical introductions, which will accompany the workshop, will 
give detailed technical overviews of sensor technology and construction, 
art and music applications, forgotten, but very useful concepts and 
ideas, condensed historical content, mostly related to almost forgotten 
historical facts.

During the workshop participants will develop and realize their ideas 
regarding all sorts of pickups, antennas and conductive medias (like 
metal objects, foil, water, human dody, plants, metal thread, barbeque 
with metal threads, thin plastic films with metallization, all sorts of 
Christmas stuff etc which could be useful to produce different sorts of 
interactive audio / video installations and motion capturing systems.

The analog and digital USB sensors for testing, experimenting and 
performance will be provided by the instructor.

=Participants will learn=

How to detect any sorts of motion and measure it
What information could we get and how to deal with it
Physical and technical details regarding the motion tracking
Basic principles of operation and construction of the theremin based systems
Art and music applications of interactive motion tracking systems
Ways to integrate them in musical performance, dance, video, sound and 
art installations
How to perform with them
Practical result oriented training
Historical overview of different approaches and applications


=It is strongly recommended that you bring your own laptop computer  
preferably with Pure Data(PD), Supercollider, MAX/MSP, Isadora etc. are 
also possible
=Art-making materials to develop your project
=In addition, if you can bring a digital video camera, you will find it 

=How to apply=

For those wishing to attend Workshop, please email to:
workshop at doku-ev.de or workshop at aa-vv.org
the following information:

=Your name, email, URL
=A list of computers, software you will use at the workshop
=Short bio

=For more details on workshop please visit:


Any questions => Natalia Borissova at Doku e.V(organizer): 
workshop at aa-vv.org or natabor at aa-vv.org