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October 2006 release-
NetEx--->:||nmapn||:Cologne ~ networked experience
NetEX -news feature
October 2006 has a particular relevance in the activities of
1. Media/Art/Cologne
the global window to mediaart from Cologne
and Officyna Art Space Szczecin/Poland
will open on 20 October 2006, 18h 
the media art exhibition -
://selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem - a show for Peace
http://self.engad.org - realized and curated by Agricola de Cologne
as the 1st venue after Bethlehem in July 2006
(see also review and documentation on
http://self.engad.org/blog/?p=12 )
Through an extension, the exhibition includes now more than
300 artists in the media, digital print, digital video, multimedia,
soundart and artists statements.

The opening will take place in the framework of
PI Intermedia Art Festival Szczecin 20-22 October 2006

2. SoundLAB - Edition IV - http://soundlab.newmediafest.org
will be launched online on 20 October
on occasion of the exhibition
://selfportrait - a show for Bethlehem - a show for Peace
in Szczecin and the inclusion in the exhibition collection.
135 artists and about 230 soundart pieces form a unique soundart environment
of collective memory.
Together with Edition IV -" memoryscapes"
SoundLAB will also release SIP - SoundLab Interview Project
including the first 50 interviews on

a) VideoChannel - http://videochannel.newmediafest.org
will launch on occasion of PI 5 Videofestival Szczecin
20-22 October  - venues-->National Museum, Officyna Art Space &
Cultural Centre Swinoujscie/Poland
Cologne OFF II -
2nd edition of Cologne Online Film Festival
online ( featuring 34 shortfilms and videos)
and offline by presenting selections of
Cologne OFF I  - 1st edition of Cologne Online Film Festival
"identityscapes" - http://videochannel.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=57
and Cologne OFF II -" image vs music"

Cologne OFF is directed and curated by Agricola de Cologne.

VideoChannel is also presenting 2 selections from its video collection
on Salon de Arte Digital
Museum of Contemporary Art del Zulia Mazul
Maracaibo/Venezuela - 1-8 October 2006

4. As an individual media artist and director of shortfilms
Agricola de Cologne is presenting --->

a) his Internet based project
Violence Online Festival - http://violence.newmediafest.org
Salon de Arte Digital
Museum of Contemporary Art del Zulia Mazul
Maracaibo/Venezuela - 1-8 October 2006

a selection of experimental films on
Carbunari 200 - 3rd experimental film festival
Baia Mare (Romania) - Dramatic Theatre - 16-17 October

House of Tomorrow, The Rehearsal
two short films fromm 2005 and 2006 on
PI 5 Videofestival Szczecin/Poland
20-22 October
the Cologne OFF I & II selections include 2 short films

the shortfilm: House of Tomorrow &
the netart piece: En[code]ed
Canariasmediafest 2006 - Gran Canaria/Spain
31 October - 3 November

streaming versions of the videos can be found on
http://moving pictures.agricola-de-cologne.de &
More info and the latest news on
NetEX - internal calls --->

Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina
Extended deadline 31 December 200
http://argentina.engad.org - plans an extension and relaunch  of the project
about the disappeared people during the military dictatorships in Argentina
later the year. Artist are invited  to submit new works--->
more details on http://netex.nmartproject.net/index.php?blog=8&cat=54

NetEX - external calls
has currently  several calls for entries for international festivals--->
featured :
One World Documentary Film Festival Prague
Deadline 1 November 2006
The 9th edition of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
will take place from February 28 - March 8, 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic.
The festival will traditionally be held under the auspices of Václav Havel.

Please find more calls and all submission information on


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