[rohrpost] TRAMPOLINE opens FIRST PLAY BERLIN - this Thur 12.Oct - 20h at HAU2, Berlin

Anette Schäfer anette at trampoline-berlin.de
Die Okt 10 16:21:13 CEST 2006

Trampoline presents
FIRST PLAY BERLIN – a Programme of Live Media Art:

FIRST PLAY BERLIN features international art projects that combine
technology, performance, interaction and installation. Giving media art a
human interface, FIRST PLAY BERLIN explores audience interaction beyond a
mouse-click with performers who use new technology for their art.

With often game-like structures, these works make the viewer into a player
and offer a perspective onto our everyday world outside of the mundane.
Leaving the stage back at the theatre, they make use of locative media such
as mobile phones, PDAs and location aware devices which enable them to get
out onto the streets, embedding the work into the real, physical urban
environment while simultaneously connecting to remote places and virtual
spaces via the networks our cities are pervaded by. FPB explores how the
perception of our reality has changed with the digital age of networks. A
space is more than one space; the virtual has inextricably entered the realm
of the real and what we find is an inseparable mix. FPB set out to explore
the makeup of this “mixed reality”.

Opening night - TRAMPOLINE – Event Thursday 12.10.06
from 20h - 1h

Borders blur. Space dissolves. Reality becomes fiction. Human and machine
tease and torture each other. Remote choreographers show us how to walk.
Remote cameras show us how we’re watched. Paradoxes meet panoramas. Cities
collide. Tokyo and Vienna. Rome and Berlin. Nottingham and London. Welcome
to the in-between space. The point of transition. Trampoline.

Trampoline – Platform for New Media Art
12.10.06 / 20h – 1h / Hebbel am Ufer HAU2, Berlin

Trampoline, the platform for new media art, opens FIRST PLAY BERLIN and
brings together 30 artists to explore the theme of mixed reality from
different perspectives. Fusing video, installation and live performance,
Trampoline offers a packed evening of media art entertainment to celebrate
the launch of the FIRST PLAY BERLIN artworks. The finale will be a live
concert by Heidi Mortenson.

For detailed Trampoline Programme go to

FIRST PLAY BERLIN is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation,
British Council, Hebbel am Ufer and supported by Radiator Festival for New
Technology Art through Arts Council England.