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Mon Sep 11 09:43:52 CEST 2006

11 September 2006

Memorial for the Victims of Terror

an ongoing art environment -
is inviting artists again for showing solidarity with the victims of terror
by submitting a digital art work. More entry info on the project site

The Memorial was created as a reaction on the
11 September 2001 terror attacks in USA and 
about 200 submitting artists form now  the basis of this memorial,
but also as a reaction on a terror attack on
the creator of this memorial, Agricola de Cologne,
which took place on 11 September 1998, only few years earlier
without any public attention.

The 9/11 attacks changed the world profoundly,
as the Western societies became aware that they are no islands of happiness any longer,
but vulnerable as they are a predestined playground for terrorists.
Since then many really spectacular terror attacks took place, most, however, are less spectacular
and do not take any public attention,
but all of them are causing always a lot of innocent victims,
whereby most of them do not survive.

In contrary to the assassins, whose names are  running continuously through the media
and are kept in public awareness this way, the victims remain an anonymous mass
having lost any individuality. Nobody is thinking of their families and their suffering,
although in their small circles the lost family members are never forgotten
as the human individuals they were.

The Memorial for the Victims of Terror
is not only dedicated to the victims of 9/11,
but to all victims of terror 
as all of them have the same destiny to be forgotten.

The Internet, itself a gigantic memorial space,
is a perfect space for this remembrance,
as it is open and available to those who are looking for their personal remembrance space
which is driven by the solidarity of so many people carrying the idea of this memorial.

Memorial for the Victims of Terror

is a corporate part of the memorial project
A Virtual Memorial -
Memorial project against the Forgetting and for Humanity


Violence Online Festival

a New Media art project environment ( launched in 2002)
incorporating more than 350 artists from 40 countries
who reflect the phenomeon of violence in most different ways.
Violence Play Station, for instance,
was launched on the day, when the Iraq war began in 2003.

All the mentioned projects are initiated and created by
Agricola de Cologne, media artist & founder and director of

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