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netEX - media_art_news_may 2007
netEX news contents.

1. internal issue
2. activities april-may
3. calls: internal
4. may deadlines. external

1. Internal issue
netEX - networked experience
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Recently the netEX contents moved partially to a newly designed site
causing that many people were redirected from the old netEX contents to the new one,
and, most important!,  many links are not longer valid any longer or need to be updated.
The old site is archived now under http://weblog.nmartproject.net

While the contents was moved, also dead links were placed on the new site.
Many excuses for all inconveniance while accessing netEX.
2. Activities apil-may

In April,  a big issue in the restructuration phase has been completed, i.e.
AND - Artists Network Directory - http://and.nmartproject.net
This directory manages the biographies of artists participating in the projects
of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne

All the posted biographies are based on those authorized information the artists submitted once,
and are therefore partially not on the latest stand and need to be updated.

AND became in short time very popular, as there are not many sources on the net
containing more than 1200 artitsts biographies on one platform.

Agricola de Cologne participates in April-May in following events
His videos "House of Tomorrow"
streaming on http://movingpictures.agricola-de-cologne.de/volume11/hot/index.html
and "Message from behind a Wall"
streaming on http://movingpictures.agricola-de-cologne.de/volume11/wallhtml
were participating in FILE - Electronic Language Festival Rio de Janiero
19 March - 24 April - www.file.org.br
-->His video "House of Tomorrow" participates in
Video Art Screenings Västeras, Sweden taking place between March and May 2007
His video "Rivals and Friends"
more info on http://www.agricola-de-cologne.de/blog/?page_id=18
was presented on Athens Videoart Festival 2007 (Greece) -
27-29 April 2007  - www.athensvideoartfestival.gr
His new video "Bareback - serialDISCharge"
streaming on http://bareback.agricola-de-cologne.de
participates in Version>07 festival Chicago /USA-
19 April - 02 May - www.versionsfest.org
His video "House of Tomorrow" is participating in
"Visions in the Nunnery"
The Nunnery Gallery London/UK - 19/20 May 2007
Agricola de Cologne released a new short film, entitled:
"RED. One Day on Mars", which can be previewed streaming online on

VideoChannel presented selections from the festival program of
Cologne Online Film Film Festival - http://coff.newmediafest.org
CologneOFF I - genderscapes
more info on http://videochannel.newmediafest.org/blog/?page_id=57
and CologneOFF II - image vs museum
during Dutch Electronic Art Festival Rotterdam/NL on the satellite project
unDEAF - http://undeaf.v2.nl - 10-15 April 2007
--> these screenings received an excellent feedback

3. Calls: internal
published 2007 calls for four major projects
Cinematheque - http://cinema.nmartproject.net
 is currently preparing Cinema_C for hosting
a new steaming online show, entitled:
"Slowtime 2007? - Quicktime as an artistic medium
--->extended deadline 31 May 2007
find all entry details on http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=1

JavaMuseum - Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
released the call for a new show case to be launched in September 2007, entitled:
a + b = ba? - [art + blog = blogart?]
extended deadline 31 July 2007
find all entry details on  http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=7

CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
http://coff.newmediafest.org - announced recently its 3rd festival edition
to be launched in October 2007
--->Theme: Toon! Toon! - art cartoons & animates narratives
--->Deadline 1 August 2007
all entry details on http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=23

SoundLAB - sonic art project environments
released a call for SoundLAB - Edition V to be launched in October 2007 online

--->theme: soundSTORY - sound& music as tools for narrating
--->Deadline 1 August 2007
all entry details on http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?p=24

May deadlines: external

31 May
P.art.y 2007 Festival Seoul/South Korea

31 May
Underground Filmfestival Lausanne/Switzerland

31 May
Brief encounters Festival Bristol (UK)

31 May
Video Art Festival Miden Kalamata/Greece 2007

22 May
D- NEFF - European Experimental Festival Vitoria/Gasteiz (Spain)

20 May
Sardinia FilmFestival 2007

15 May
Video Art Festival Jakarta/Indonesia)

11 May
OpenEyes FilmFest Marburg/Germany

7 May
SoundArt Summer 2007 Ersta Konsthall /Sweden)

more deadlines on http://www.nmartproject.net/netex/?page_id=4

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