[rohrpost] CFP: MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences (Prague, Nov. 2007)

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Die Jan 16 20:10:16 CET 2007

Call for Abstracts: Deadline 31st of January 2007

MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences

International Conference organised by CIANT as part of the ENTER festival in 
the framework of the Leonardo 40th anniversary celebrations. The festival 
will feature also the first retrospective exhibition of Frank J. Malina.

8th - 10th of November 2007, Prague, Czech Republic

The conference will explore the major mutations that are affecting the 
future of our world. We invite papers from artists, scientists and 
researchers on the evolution of living beings and the societies they 
constitute, and on modes of knowledge, expression and communication of 
humans, animals and other forms of life.

'MutaMorphosis' seeks a multiplicity of perspectives as well as a qualified 
and diverse group of conference participants. The conference will 
concentrate on the growing interest -- within the worlds of the arts, 
sciences and technologies -- in EXTREME AND HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS. These 
environments appear as symptomatic indicators of the mutations that are 
taking place; they are potential vectors that make possible an awareness of 
the different problems at the origin of the disturbances that threaten the 
ensemble of the Earth's eco-systems.

We invite practitioners in the arts, sciences, engineering and humanities to 
submit abstracts that explore the limits and extremes within the following 
streams of interest:


How do the arts and sciences deal with new ideas about strategies of life in 
extreme conditions?

Keywords: adaptation, artificial life, bioart, biotechnology, cell, cloning, 
control, emergence, ethics, evolution, extremophilia, hybrid, limit, 
organization, performativity, self-organization, strategy, survival, 
symbiogenesis, symbiosis, tissue, transformation, transgression, 
transplantation, unpredictability.


How do the arts and sciences face radical scales and extreme environments?

Keywords: Antarctica, astrophysics, colonisation, climate, dark matter, dark 
energy, deserts, deteritorialization, ethics, exobiology, exploration, 
geotagging, globalization, map, macro, micro, nano, singularity, outer 
space, speed, territory, underwater, vacuum.


How do the arts and sciences address evolving ideas about cognition in 
extreme environments?

Keywords: collective intelligence, complexity, connectivity, decision, 
deficiency, distributed, ethics, intelligence, dysfunction, emotion, 
efficiency, information, instrument, handicap, manipulation, memory, 
mobility, networked, pathology, perception, sensorial, simulation, system, 
therapy, visualization, web 2.0.

All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by an international advisory 
panel. Submissions accepted and presented at the conference will be 
published in the conference proceedings.

500-word abstracts required by 31st of January 2007 via email to 
mutamorphosis @ ciant.cz.