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Mit Okt 24 10:43:50 CEST 2007

Thomas Draschan leaves his home town Linz
after graduation for studying theater and journalism
at the University of Vienna

Daniel Nicholas Flavin,
born in Jamaica,
died in New York

Martin Heidegger, born in Messkirch, died in Freiburg,
was a German philosopher and
the subject is still on controversial debates

Joseph Michael Helmut Kohl,
born in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine,
is a German CDU politician

Werner Mauss is indicated
born in Essen, and lives with his family in Germany
on a fortress-like property

Manfred Peckl, born in 1968 in Wels in Austria,
and works in Frankfurt am Main

Tobias Rehberger is undoubtedly one of the artists
from the Stuttgart region
performing international breakthrough

Lasse-Marc Riek, born in Bad Segeberg,
served in his creation of different forms of expression
lives and works in Frankfurt am Main

The Situationist International (S.I.)
a leftist-oriented group
of european artists and intellectuals

Susanne Kessler is an artist and director,
born in Friedberg,
lives now in Frankfurt

Adelheid Schulz, born in Loerrach,
former member of the Red Army Fraction
lives in Frankfurt am Main

Erika Steinbach, daughter of a
Luftwaffenfeldwebel from Silesia
was born in Hanau

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