[rohrpost] 5th series of new interviews on VIP

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Mon Dez 8 09:56:03 CET 2008

VIP - VideoChannel Interview Project

published the 5th series of new interviews with these
film and video makers

Michael Fortune (Ireland), Jaye Ho (UK),
Jo-Lin Hsieh  (Taiwan), Magnus Irvin (UK),
Samuel van Ransbeeck (Belgium),  Ana Yu (Taiwan)
Richard O'Sullivan (UK), Agnes Szelag (Poland)
LEMEH42 - Michele Santini & Lorenza Paolini (Italy)
Julio Velasco (Colombia), Maria Ylikoski (Finland)
Joshua and Zachary Sandler (USA)
Shoko Toda (Japan), E.W. Walters (Poland)

Until the official online launch of
CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival
4th edition  - "Here We Are!" - on 11 December 2008
http://coff.newmediafest.org -
in total 48 interviews with new festival participants
are posted online.

VideoChannel - video project environments
corporate part of
the experimental platform for art and new media
from Cologne/Germany