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I Know the World | Artists talk and discussion

Sunday 3 February, 14.30 – 18.30 hrs

Within the framework of the exhibition I Know the World, which  
addresses artistic practices informed by geographic and cultural  
parameters, participating artists will contextualize their work.  
These works are research based, their sensibility and insight having  
been gained by travels abroad and are directly related to a specific  
location, some works include presumptions and artistic strategies  
which function as useful obstacles when encountering a host country.  
Within this context a dialogue will take place between audience,  
artists, curators and Trans Artists (an international platform for  
artist-in-residence programmes, based in Amsterdam).

Prior to the artists talks (12.00-14.00 hrs), Trans Artists host a  
workshop on artist-in-residence programmes and related international  
matters for everyone curious about international art practice and for  
those who wish to participate on one of the international programmes.  
You can find more information onwww.transartists.nl/articles/ 


14.30-14.45 | Introduction by Lise Nellemann, guest-curator of I Know  
The World. She is the founder of and responsible for the program of  
Sparwasser HQ, Offensive for Contemporary Art and Communication  

14.50-15.20 | Daniëlle van Zuijlen represents 'hosting' as a model of  
research. She is currently finishing a five-year ´inverted´  
residency in the provincial town of Hoorn in the Netherlands, where  
she stayed in her ‘own’ country and invited guests from abroad.

15.25-15.55 | Kristine Agergaard (J&K) will speak about J&K´s  
futuristic fiction Egyptomaniacs, where religions fuse and new world  
orders unfold before our eyes. The question is raised as to whether  
the artists produce a fantasy, a prediction, or a portrait of an  
existing hybrid world culture.

16.00-16.30 | Sören Lose will talk about the way his work in I Know  
the World commments and discusses the heritage of Danish culture by  
juxtaposing the classical icons of so called Danish national  
romanticism with his own photographs and found tourist snap-shots.

16.45-17.15 | With regards to the amateur theatre re-enactment from  
Skagen that Tamar Guimaraes includes in her work in the exhibitionI  
Know The World, the artist Amalia Pica in a comparable manner creates  
collective actions in the city of Amsterdam. Her performances help us  
experience historical moments through a feeling of déjà vu.  As a  
participant of an earlier version of the exhibition I Know The World  
inBerlin,the (Argentinian) artist will present several of her  
residency projects.

17.20-17.50 | Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Grete Aagaard do not only see  
traveling as a tool for education. The cosmopolitan life is also a  
privileged life, something equivalent to total freedom. The artists  
express a critical voice towards these clicheés of travel and 'life  
style industry' images.

17.55-18.30 | Moderated talk by Lise Nellemann with the artists,  
Binna Choi, Cosmin Costinas, Yep Wiersma and the audience.

Binna Choi is curator at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and the  
Research-in-Residence programme. She is forming a critical art  
practice based research circuit Electric Palm Tree.

Cosmin Costinas is a writer, art critic and curator, currently doing  
a residency at Kadist Art Foundation, Paris. He was one of the  
editors of documenta 12 magazines (Vienna/Kassel).

Yep Wiersma is advisor and educator at Trans Artists.

I Know the World

Fucking Good Art  І  Tamar Guimarães  І  J&K  І  Søren Lose  І   
Tanja Nellemann Poulsen & Grete Aagaard  І  Daniëlle van Zuijlen
Guest curated by Lise Nellemann (Sparwasser HQ, Berlin)

Exhibition from: 12 January – 1 March 2008

‘I Know the World’ focuses on the issue of artists in transit and  
the manner in which the production of artworks is influenced by  
experiences abroad. 'I Know the World' is an exhibition and a day of  
talks focusing particularly on works and artistic practices that have  
been informed by encounters with another local context, often as a  
result of the artists’ participation in international residencies.  
As with the previous edition of 'I Know the World', which took place  
at Sparwasser HQ in Berlin in 2007, this exhibition relates to issues  
of internationalism, mobility and cultural differences, but  
especially aims to take a closer look at the art works themselves.  
The works are based on research, sensibility and insight gained by  
the artists on location and some include presumptions and personal  
artistic strategies which function as useful obstacles when  
encountering the host country and a foreign context.
Artist duo J&K bring forth ideas of the Orient framed by their own  
culture and mix them with what they actually observe and discover in  
their host country. The result is a work that brings to life a  
futuristic fiction where religions fuse and new world orders unfold  
before our eyes. Søren Lose's work comments on the heritage of Danish  
culture by juxtaposing the classical icons of so called Danish  
national romanticism with his own photographs and found tourist snap- 
shots. The work also reflects on how a country succeeds in bringing  
home an international artist when he gains foreign recognition and  
questions how the artist's work is then inscribed into national art  
history. Tamar Guimaraes’ work ‘Jan Leton and the Archive’ uses  
footage of outdoor theatre play, re-enacting a historical situation  
around a former slave, Jan Leton. 'Today, please stay home! Please  
stay home today stay home stay home home home home' is a quote from a  
digital running text display that is part of Tanja Nellemann Poulsen  
& Grete Aagaard´s installation ‘Set Up Tours …’. With this work  
the artists express a critical voice towards these clichés of the  
'travel and life style industry' images. Daniëlle van Zuijlen is  
currently finishing a five-year residency in the town of Hoorn. In  
this sort of inverted residency, she stays in her ‘own’ country  
and hosts visitors from abroad. She presents a pamphlet that can be  
taken home by visitors. 'Hosting' in a slightly different sense is  
also introduced by the artist duo Nienke Terpsma & Rob Hamelijnck.  
Through their participation in residencies the artists produced and  
published issues of the magazine 'Fucking Good Art' collaborating  
with artists in the host cities. These issues will be presented in  
the exhibition

SMART Project Space, I Know the World and voiceoverhead are kindly  
supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, Gemeente Amsterdam, VSBfonds,  
Stichting Doen, Filmfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds,Stichting  
Dioraphte and the Danish Arts Agency.

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Friday 1. February:  Exhibition opening 7 PM-11 PM
Freunde und Bekannte
Location: Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161, Berlin-Mitte

Sunday 3. February, 14.15 - 18.30 : Artist Talks and Discussion
Location: SMART Project Space, Arie Biemondstraat 105-111,  
Amsterdam,  Time:

Artist Talks: Lise Nellemann, Danielle van Zuijlen, J&K (Kristine),  
Søren Lose, Amalia Pica, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen/ Grete Ågård
Panel Discussion Cosmin Costinas, Binna Choi, Yeb Wiersma  

in the occasion of
the exhibition I Know The World in SMART Project Space with: Fucking  
Good Art, Tamar Guimaraes, J&K, Søren Lose, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen/  
Grete Ågård, Danielle van Zuijlen, curated by Lise Nellemann, in  
collab mit SPS, through 1. March

1. - 23. February
Freunde und Bekannte
in Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161, Berlin-Mitte

øystein aasan, matthew antezz, michael baers, matti blind, wolfgang  
breuer, matt burbidge, kerstin cmelka, ann cotten, geoffrey garrison,  
april gertler, robert gfader, maurus gmür, manuel gorkiewicz,  
catherine griffiths, lise harlev, bertram hasenauer, gregor  
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yang, sibylle zeh

5.-29. March
Wojciech Lawnicki, Olga Lewicka, Sylwia Ludas, Przemyslaw Sanecki
in Sparwasser HQ, Torstraße 161, Berlin-Mitten

3. – 20. April , 2008
Komplot Kunst Kamionet mit Sparwasser HQ"
in Sparwasser HQ, Torstrasse 161, Berlin Mitte

Yona Friedman, Kevin van Braak & Rossella Biscotti, Kurt Ryslavy,  
Nathalie Mertens, Agency, NG, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Agnes  
Geoffray, Geoffroy Amaral, Laure Gatelier & Delphine Deguislage, Yan  
Renand, Ella Klaschka, Fabien Defendini, Studio Basar, kuratiert von  
Mit freundlichen Unterstützung der Hauptstadtkulturfond und CGRI