[rohrpost] xxxxx_workshop_39_40 Berlin: Using Cheap Game Controllers and DIY Interface for Sensor Input into Pure Data with Derek Holzer & Martin Howse

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Mon Mar 10 09:40:23 CET 2008

A (more-or-less) weekly series of constructivist workshops emphasising
making and connection within the field of the existent.


March 15th 2PM: Using Cheap Game Controllers and DIY Interface for Sensor Input into
Pure Data with Derek Holzer & Martin Howse

March 29th 2PM: Hands on Theremin Workshop with Ralph Schreiber

Forthcoming matter: 

Pinhole and Kirlian photography, radio telescopy, data forensics,
scientific visualisation toolkits, hardware RNG, EVP, scrying boards
and KiCad design

... contact if you're interested in leading a related workshop.


March 15th 2PM: Using Cheap Game Controllers and DIY Interface for
Sensor Input into Pure Data with Derek Holzer & Martin Howse

The workshop will focus on the quickest, cheapest way possible to get
sensor input into the Pure Data programming environment - hacking USB
game controllers and the HID (Human Interface Device) protocol. For
often less than EUR 5 and a few minutes with the soldering iron, a
clever artist can start plugging sensors which measure light,
temperature, pressure, movement and many other things right into their
laptop. We will also examine building our own USB input device using
the ATmega8 microcontroller. 

Parts and tools for these projects as well as some sample sensors will
be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own sensors
and USB game controllers (joysticks, steering wheels, dancemats, toy
guitars, fishing rods, etc etc) for experimentation. The Pure Data
programming environment will be used to get the sensor information
into the computer and map it to different parameters, ranging from
MIDI to direct control of audio or video.

Windows users should be aware that the possibilities for input on
their systems may be more restricted. GNU/Linux and Mac OS X users
should not expect any problems.

Some links for those interested:

http://puredata.info/ (Pure Data)
http://puredata.info/downloads (install PD-Extended 0.39 from here!)
http://at.or.at/hans/research/nime/ (HC Steiner's page on sensor interfaces)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sensors (every imaginable kind of
sensor listed)

---What to bring:


1) Laptop running Linux, OS X or Windows (be advised that Windows
users may have fewer possibilities)
2) Pure Data Extended 0.39 installed from:
http://puredata.info/downloads (please mind that it is Extended and
3) Soundcard (internal or external, quality a non-issue)
4) Headphones
5) EUR 15 participation fee


1) Sensors of any kind
2) USB game controller of any kind
3) Microphones or other sound inputs
4) Your own project ideas for discussion

---About the Teachers

Derek Holzer [USA 1972] began working with Pure Data in 2001. Since
then, he has taught and performed with the program across Europe,
North America, Brazil and New Zealand. His work focuses on field
recording, networked collaboration strategies, experiments in
improvisational sound and the use of free software such as
Pure-Data. He is currently writing a beginner's manual for Pure Data.
http://www.umatic.nl/workshops.html http://flossmanuals.net/puredata

Martin Howse operates within the fields of discourse, speculative
hardware (environmental data in open physical systems), code (an
examination of layers of abstraction), free software and the
situational (performances and interventions).



Workshops led by field-expert practitioners extend over realms of code
and embedded code, environmental code, noise, transmission and
reception, and electromysticism. Workshops solely utilise free
software and GNU toolbase.

Practitioners have included Martin Kuentz (prd at scrying.org), Julian Oliver
(http://selectparks.net/), Derek Holzer (http://soundtransit.nl), Jeff
Mann (http://jeffmann.com), Martin Howse (http://1010.co.uk), Fredrik
Olofsson (http://www.fredrikolofsson.com/), Florian Cramer
(http://cramer.plaintext.cc:70/), Brendan Howell, , jo FRGMNT grys(http://tob.de.vu/)

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