[rohrpost] monochrom proclaims: The International Year Of Polytheism Will Be Endless

das ende der nahrungskette jg at monochrom.at
Fre Mai 16 16:40:40 CEST 2008

In 2007 we started a project to honour religions 
which are not into that blunt 
one-church-under-one-God-stuff, but hail to the 
chaotic postmodern multitude of Gods and 
Goddesses. Religion should be like a swinger 
club, we believe. A dark room where you worship a 
God but you don't even know which God you're 
worshipping. That would be pretty cool we think. 
Worshipping Gods and Goddesses doesn't need to be 
some boring and dull and heteronomous thing for 
bores and squares clinging to whatever bloody 
tradition they have inherited. It can be a ride 
to the shopping mall of the unknown. Go out with 
one God/Goddess, come home with another. Worship 
one God/Goddess in your living room, while you 
hide another God's/Goddess's sacrificial altar in the toilet.
Tell everybody you're into Greek Gods/Godesses 
but actually worship Polynesian ones whe nobody's 
watching. Play off the Norse Gods/Godesses 
against Hinduism. Let them fight and use their 
superpowers to entertain you. And so on.

Polytheism is a big party that screams "Bring 
your own God!" on the invitation. Now you 
understand why we were so sad about it being 
over. Damn you, 12/31/2007! Fucking monotheist 
moderation tricked us again: Fun is an ocean but 
it ends at the shore! We sat around crying a 
little and talking bullshit, depressed and weary 
of life. But then it struck us: If this great 
polytheism project is about kicking the unhealthy 
influence of monotheist crap out of our lives, 
why not kick out the Gregorian calendar­ which 
definitely is some Christian nonsense.

Why should polytheists stick to that calendar 
anyway? Why couldn't the year of polytheism be a 
somewhat polytheist year of which nobody knows 
exactly when it will end and when it has started? 
Nifty! So we went to ask the Gods and Goddesses 
what they would say at which date the year of 
polytheism expires. As always they have not come 
to an unambiguous ordeal yet and they just keep 
on arguing and arguing. Since they can not notify 
us, we cannot close the year of polytheism as you 
will surely understand. So just choose an 
individual bundle of personal Gods/Goddesses and 
join us waiting for them to stop their quarrel. 
You are welcome unless you're a Nazi pagan 
asshole buying that bullshit of a "true and 
authentic religion" somehow related to that place 
in which you were born by chance.

Check us out saying fuck off to Nazi polytheists!