[rohrpost] World Wide Hug Party

Rob Schrama mail at robschrama.nl
Sam Feb 21 23:23:03 CET 2009

On March 21st 2009 a World Wide Hug Party will take place in clubs and
galleries all over the world. We invite every city, village or town to join
this initiative. Will you organise a World Wide Hug Party in your hometown?


We all are part of the collective consciousness, in which everything is
connected with the universal energy. We are able to heal our planet and
unite everybody in peace and tolerance. So let us demonstrate our unity, let
us show our fellow-human beings that we all are One, no matter what kind of
religion, race or culture we represent. We are able to love and respect each


In the evening of March 21st in Oceania, New Zealand and Australia people
will start the Hug which will go around the world in 24 hours, the biggest
chain of peace that you can imagine.


The idea is as simple as it is effective: just hug!  When we hug each other
we open our heart and we can feel the loving energy pounding between us.
When we open our heart we unite our energy.


Be part of this event!

Be a witness of this event!


All the events will be broadcasted through the internet, to watch, to be
watched, to hug and to be hugged.


On the website www.worldwidehugparty.org you get information about how to
organise your own World Wide Hug Party, how to add your video stream on
internet and how you can watch the other events all over the world.


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Rob Schrama