[rohrpost] tonight: Pulka + 1/3 to 2/3 b.unit live !

Peter minimamedia at web.de
Sam Mar 21 17:56:34 CET 2009

 > am 21ten märz samstag
 > pulka    live!
 > 1/3 to 2/3 b.unit   live !
 > plus plattenleger peter hackepeter
 > offen ab 21uhr
 > live bis 1uhr
 > im
 > insekteum
 > pflügerstr. 70
 > berlin neu kölln
 > u8 schönleinstr.
 > Pulka
 > Pulka?s music moves between Postrock, Electronica, Soundtrack, New 
Wave with
 > textures of Highlife and Pop. He scratches beneath the surface of lush
 > orchestral sounds and hypnotic harmonies with strange fizzing noises and
 > whirring bleeps to create a music that is somehow ethereal yet 
immediate. ?I
 > am interested in the moment at which pop suddenly appears within
 > experimental music and vice versa? A good reference point is the Talking
 > Heads albums produced by Brian Eno. Here world music influences are 
 > to play without the esotericism, Batik cloths and flip-flops. Instead pop
 > music is able to find a handle without grouping around in some awkward or
 > embarrassing fashion. Pulka?s sound evolves anarchically and 
 > without being dragged down by the constraints of dull musical rules and
 > foundations. You can still hear the influences from Pulka?s time as 
the bass
 > player for ?12 Kappen Wasser?. Sometimes you come close to something that
 > you did not even know existed.
 > _________________________________________________________________
 > Live Line up SOLO: Pulka ? Guitar, Electronics, Objects.
 > www.myspace.com/pulkamusic
 > Jd Zazie: turnable/mix/cdj
 > Mat Pogo: actual and recorded vocal/recorded piano mix
 > P.  Schlewinsk: drums
 > http://virb.com/bunit
 > This new project by
 > JD Zazie (Semerssuaq, Sistemi Audiofobici Burp)on cdplayers, 
turntables and
 > mix, Mat Pogo (Jealousy Party, Sistemi Audiofobici Burp) on actual and
 > recorded vocals, recorded piano and mix, and P.Schlewinsk (ex Bolz?n, ex
 > Ilse Lau and mainman at the minimamedia mailorder)
 > on drums mixes together an exploring blend of real time manipulated field
 > recordings, grindcore abstractions, free jazz gore parodies, and frantic
 > semi acoustic freeform fantasies.