[rohrpost] LEONARDO THINKS: What would Leonardo Da Vinci be thinking today?

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Mit Dez 29 17:25:30 CET 2010

Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) and Roger Malina (Leonardo Executive
Editor, Leonardo Publications, MIT Press) are pleased to announce a
new feature, LEONARDO THINKS: Invited Editorials and Opinion Pieces
from the Leonardo Network Available Through the Leonardo Electronic
Almanac (LEA) http://www.leoalmanac.org/index.php/lea/browse/C52/.

What would Leonardo Da Vinci be thinking today?

We live in a time as dangerous as was fifteenth century Italy, in a
Europe that had then survived the disastrous bubonic plagues of the
14th Century, problems as challenging as that of anthropogenic climate
and ecological change today.

Then as now, innovative thinkers and artists have to find patronage in
strange places.

Hard issues of our time require the best minds in the arts, humanities
and sciences to work together.

In this new Leonardo feature, LEONARDO THINKS
(http://www.leoalmanac.org/index.php/lea/browse/C52/), edited by
Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina, we bring to you editorials and
opinion pieces from leading thinkers in the Leonardo international
networks (http://www.leonardo.info).

Since its founding in 1967, Leonardo Publications have published the
work of over 6000 artists, scientists, engineers and scholars. This
creative community can be thought of as the New Leonardos, individuals
and groups working together to cross link the arts, sciences and
technologies on the burning issues of our times. As a group they are a
larger creative community than fueled the Renaissance.

LEA’s trans-media platform will make this content available on
multiple platforms (e.g., ipad, kindle etc.). LEA’s Editor in Chief,
Lanfranco Aceti, who is a Visiting Professor at Goldsmiths College and
teaches at Sabanci University in Istanbul, points out:  “LEA is
continuing to grow and initiating a series of activities in new online
publication formats that, as in the case of LEONARDO THINKS, seek to
focus our attention on ideas and work of real interest in the data
flood we now experience.”

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If you would be interested in publishing an opinion piece or an
editorial for the LEONARDO THINKS section of LEA, contact Leonardo
Executive Editor at rmalina at alum.mit.edu.

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