[rohrpost] Fr. 5.2. 7pm, curatingyoutube.net and F.A.T.lab one night art event at Basso Berlin ,

Aram Bartholl bartholl at datenform.de
Mon Feb 1 17:18:12 CET 2010

http://curatingyoutube.net and F.A.T.lab http://fffff.at collaborate on a
one night art event at http://basso-berlin.de , upcoming Friday 5th of Feb

F.A.T. lab presents:
‘Speed Show Berlin’ – we love your art!
with: [open call, apply now to be in the show!
http://fffff.at/speed-show-berlin/ ]

curatingyoutube.net presents:
‘3 hours in 1 second’ – or what can i say with a playlist? 
http://grid.curatingyoutube.net/ multi channel video installation 
with: thomas no:sler, constant dullaart, bennett williamson , sakrowski
ikonoskop, igor stromayer, JODI, joel holmberg, simon ruschmayer, among

One night:
Friday – 05.02.2010
Köpenickerstrasse 187/189
Berlin Kreuzberg 10997
19:00 h – open End