[rohrpost] AV-performance "Sit-In/Out" 10.02.2010

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Mon Feb 8 18:40:27 CET 2010


hier die Einladung zur AV-Performance STATION ROSE "Sit-In/Out"
des Tempos wegen - wie meist -  in engl. Form, 
bis auf das deutsche Intro des Kurators.

herzliche Grüße

Elisa Rose


>>What Is Music?<<
Die Medien- und Soundart-Pioniere aus Wien
male-female / audio-visual ... approved by Timothy Leary
Elisa Rose (Visuals) & Gary Danner (Sound) 
arbeiten seit 1988 gemeinsam digital, performen 
seit 92 mit Computern audiovisuell live. Von 
ihnen stammt der Begriff der Digitalen Bohème. 
Bild & Ton, Loops & Patterns entstehen zeitgleich.
>>raum für kultur<<
Commerzbank-Hochhaus, Gallileo, Gallusanlage 7, 60329 Frankfurt
Mittwoch 10.2.2010, 20:00 Uhr

Einladungskarte:  http://www.stationrose.com/newsletter.html

:// info 01:
AV-performance "Sit-In/Out" at >>raum fuer 
kultur<<, Gallileo Hochhaus, Frankfurt

STATION ROSE/STR are back to their actual 
home-town (?!)  Frankfurt with the AV-performance 
"Sit-In/Out" at >>raum fuer kultur<<, Gallileo 
Hochhaus, Frankfurt

WED, 10.02.2010, 8pm
entrance is free

The media artists go consciously away from the 
media art (scene)´s devoutness to the future, and 
concentrate on the crisis-ridden present, call 
their current direction "New Media Arte Povera".
For the performance "Sit-In/Out" in one of 
Frankfurts bank-skyscrapers, digital artist Elisa 
Rose created new <hand made> art pieces as 
elements of the installation & again recycled her 
worn tights - this time not as fabric (as done 
for the recent exhibition), but instead, for a 
new AV-composition, working with a microscope, 
discovering a black grid :// under microscopic 

Gary Danner will, next to performing his latest 
experimental electronics, play his trustworthy 
Rickenbacker 330 semi-acoustic and his fuzz pedal 
in Frankfurt for the first time live.

"What is Music? " is curated by Oliver Augst

:// take a look at a short interview we gave artsite.tv
(2nd part of the vorschau)


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The news-section of the STR website is updated .

It is more of a collection of all the latest 
activities now - with fotos, stills, links, etc.
please check it out here:

The recent solo-exhibition "Violently Y/ours" at 
gallery Hofkabinett can be found there as a pdf, 


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