[rohrpost] REMINDER WALL OF SOUND | PROJECTION SCREEN - 50th Anniversary of the erection of the Berlin Wall

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Don Aug 4 14:45:54 CEST 2011


Music video program for the 50^th anniversary of the erection of the 
Berlin Wall

Especially (but not only) in the last decade of its existence, the 
Berlin Wall served as a popular location for music clips and musical 
performances. Both experimental films and mainstream promo videos used 
the (mostly Western side of the) inter-German border to convey the twin 
Cold War emotions of excitement and fear; as a colorful, 
graffitti-covered backdrop; as a conceptionally projection screen (both 
figuratively and literally) but also as the starting ramp for pop 
musical missiles to "liberate" those on the other side.

The gaze from the Eastern side was usually directed at other landmarks 
in the city center, if the Brandenburg Gate happened to get in the 
frame, the nearby "Anti Fascist Bullwark" was carefully concealed.

The Wall's opening and eventual dismantling were both conditions for and 
symbols of hope and new possibilities. Berlin, German and international 
music acts shot clips in hip, commie-retro chic post-1990 Berlin, their 
videos often referencing the headspinning political developments.

To this day, the area where the Wall once stood still is center stage - 
be it tourist attractions and recreational spaces like East side Gallery 
or Mauerpark or the temporary autonomous zones the Fall of the Wall 
openend and which are being closed by increasing commercialisation of 
public space.

With films and videos by Die Tödliche Doris, Rio Reiser, Depeche Mode, 
Silly, Günther Fischer, U2, Fler and others.

Wolfgang Müller, erstwhile member of avantgarde music, art, performance 
and film collective Die Tödliche Doris, will give the audience a guided 
visit to Potsdamer Platz, where his film "Naturkatastrophenballet" was 
shot in 1983.

Installation works "Berlin Off/On Wall" by Wieland Speck and "Die Narbe" 
("The Scar"), director: Burkhard von Harder, music by FM Einheit and 
Klaus Wiese (ex-Popol Vuh) will be presented in the Red Lobby of the 

*"The Scar" and other films related to the Wall will be available as 
video on demand at www.realeyz.tv* *starting on August 11th.*

/Date: /

/Saturday, August 13, 2011, 7:30 p.m./

/Kino Arsenal/

/Potsdamer Straße 2/

/10785 Berlin/

/Tickets: EUR 6,50 /

*Video on demand. www.realeyz.tv*

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