[rohrpost] Call: a+b=ba? - art + blog = blogart? - v.2.0

artNET agricola-w at netcologne.de
Mit Aug 10 10:12:38 CEST 2011

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

is happy to release the call
for the 2nd version of

a+b=ba? - art + blog = blogart?

to be launched online on 1 January 2012.


Due to a dynamic technology, "blogging" is representing
a most popular way to start and publish community orientated
activities on the net.

Also many artists are using "blogs" for keeping the community informed
about the latest artistic activities, as well as using this concept
as an alternative away to create online based art works.

However, users and art enthusiasts are confused in finding out
what's art -  intentionally or unintentionally.

JavaMuseum, since 2000 one of the pioneers on the field of Internet based art,
started in 2007 a discussion by releasing v.1.0 of
a+b=ba? - art + blog = blogart?
which became one of its most most popular projects.

Now in 2011, after another four years of the rapid online media developement,
JavaMuseum would like to explore again the state of art
of "blogging" as a community addressed and based form of dealing with artistic concepts online,
and is calling again for artists who are using "blogs" and "blogging"
for expressing their artistic ideas online.

Please find the open call released on netEX - networked experience

netEX - networked experience

is the publishing platform run by
Le Musee divisioniste
- the new museum of networked art

netex (at) nmartproject.net