[rohrpost] Sonntag 21. August, [Sound and Vision], Optosonics und "Sound’s visual depiction?"

Shintaro Miyazaki miyazaki.shintaro at gmail.com
Sam Aug 20 14:56:15 CEST 2011

Liebe RohrpostlerInnen,

die dreizehnte Ausgabe der "Oscillation Series - Sonic Theories and  
Practices" im General Public, Schönhauser Allee 167c, Berlin, widmet  
sich dem Thema Klangbilder und "Optosonics". Dazu das englische Mailing:

No. 13
date: 21st of August 2011, Sun. 8pm
title: Sound and Vision
with: Jan Thoben and Rob Mullender

Jan Thoben: Optosonics

When it comes to audiovisual relationships we often encounter the  
logic of formal and/or synaesthetic correspondances between sounds and  
images, not their medial conditions. But emerging media technologies  
such as phonography and sound film confronted the eye with physically  
transformed oscillations, which caused a consciousness of the  
operations inside the apparatus and our perceptual reactions to it.  
This paper will will take a look at optical sound experiments  
representing artistic strategies of audification and addressing issues  
of mediated audiovisuality. Jan will talk about Rainer Maria Rilke  
(Primal Sound), Raoul Hausmann, László Moholy-Nagy and Guy Sherwin’s  
“Newsprint” comparing their particular interest in the gap between  
signals and signs.

Jan Thoben studied musicology and art history at Humboldt University  
in Berlin. In 2009 Thoben was a research fellow at Ludwig-Boltzmann- 
Institute in Linz and is co-editor of the print and online compendium  
“See This Sound”, an interdisciplinary survey of audiovisual culture.  
He receives a scholarship from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung for his PhD  
research on audiovisual transformation as an aesthetic strategy.

Rob Mullender: Sound’s visual depiction?

Rob will be talking about one or two ideas, which broadly centre on  
the conventions of sound’s visual depiction in popular culture. Why is  
it that we think we have an idea of what sound ‘looks’ like? Why does  
the idea that sound can be depicted persist? Using one of Rob’s recent  
video/sculpture pieces entitled Said Object, ideas concerning  
materials and meaning, hearing and touch will be discussed.

Rob Mullender is a research student based at LCC, and a self employed  
carpenter/ fabricator/ musician/ sound artist. He has worked on  
various installation, noise, sound sculpture, radio and music projects  
since 1994. His PhD research centres on the uses of light to  
synthesize audio, using various analogue electrical, mechanical, and  
field recording processes.


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