[rohrpost] Class-action against Transmediale and Stephen Kovats

Till Nikolaus von Heiseler till.n.v.heiseler at googlemail.com
Die Feb 1 19:14:25 CET 2011

Hello Friends,
we prepare a class-action against transmediale, Stephen Kovats and his team.

Who can participate the class action?
 * Everyone - who did not get the assured money (verbally or by e-mail
is enough).
 * Everyone - who got stolen ideas and concepts.
 * Everyone - whos contract was brocken.

If you are a paticipate of the current transmediale,
how can you prevent to be cheated?
* If you talk to the transmediale team, never be without a witness
(just take a friend with you)
* Ask to record the meeting (don’t do it without agreement, its illegal)
* Note everything you talked about and write an e-mail after the meeting.
Send this e-mail, not only to the person you talked to, but also to
the director.

We will have a conspirative meeting at the cafeteria directly at the
You will be invited, when you send us an e-mail back.

Title of our conspirative meeting:
IR:RESPONSE:ABILITY - Artists unabel to responed to irresponsible action?

 1) The importence to fight back and respond and conspire
 2) The legal basis and the contract law in germany.
 3) How do I react to rude behavior?
 4) Do we want to bring direct actions, such as disruption of the
Award Ceremony?
 5) During the last few years, Stephen Kovats pacticed an interesting
double funding
of his personal life. Its legality could be doubted. Do we want to
give something to the press
and have some fun or is this to mediocre?

Happiness to all!
till nikolaus von heiseler

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