[rohrpost] Tobias Daemgen - Laserkrake, Lichtparasiten und andere Mutationen: 3.-13.02.2011

Heike Ander heike.ander at khm.de
Mit Feb 2 12:02:08 CET 2011

We cordially invite you to the exhibition

»Laserkrake, Lichtparasiten und andere Mutationen« [Laser octopus,  
light parasites and other mutations]
February 03 – 13, 2011

Thurs, February 3, 4 p.m.:
The open process starts

Sat, February 12, 7 p.m.
Open laboratory and interventions by RaumZeitPiraten (Moritz Ellerich,  
Tobias Daemgen)

Opening hours:
Visible permanently through the windows. Accessible by appointment  
only. Please feel free to contact: tobias.daemgen at gmail.com

Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Filzengraben 2a, Köln
stop: Heumarkt

As final presentation to close his postgraduate studies, Tobias  
Damegen will work in the exhibition space from
February 03 to 13, 2011 in order to create some space-time-bendings  
with a permanently growing light and sound structure, slowly evolving  
into the gallery space. Please feel free to visit the artist anytime  
in this progress. To make sure to meet him, please feel free to  
contact tobias.daemgen at gmail.com.

On Saturday February 12, 2011 at  7 p.m. marvelous Moritz Ellerich of  
the RaumZeitPiraten collective arrives to stop the sprawl and to play  
the installation together with the artist.

Please write to exhibitions at khm.de. Thank you.

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